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10 Questions for 2019 – Part 1 – Is .40 S&W Officially Dead?

10. Is .40 S&W officially dead?

Not yet, but its certainly on life support. With the military and police forces dumping 40 cal in favor of 9mm, it certainly changed (read: doomed) the future of 40 cal. Yes, companies like Smith & Wesson still make 89 models in 40 cal but high end companies like STI, not only made two models in 2018. What we have seen this year, we believe will continue in 2019, that is, the increasing popularity of 10mm taking over where 40 S&W left off. We saw a huge spike in customers purchasing 10mm this year and expect this trend to continue. That said, 40 S&W prices have come down making this an affordable caliber to shoot and cheaper than 10mm.



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