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30 Super vs 9mm Ammo

30 super vs 9mm Blog Feature

Welcome to True Shot Academy’s latest guide on handgun ammunition. Today, we’re examining two prevalent choices for handgun owners: the 9mm and the .30 Super cartridges.

Both rounds are celebrated by shooting aficionados and law enforcement alike, yet they serve different purposes with unique performance characteristics. This comparison aims to clarify their distinctions and assist you in selecting the ideal round for your shooting needs.


The Evolution of Handgun Ammunition: 9mm and .30 Super

The 9mm cartridge, also known as the 9x19mm, has been a staple in the firearms world since its inception by Georg Luger in the early 1900s. Its compact design and lower recoil have made it a favorite for a variety of users, contributing to its status as a standard issue for many military and police forces globally.

In contrast, the .30 Super cartridge is a newer innovation, introduced in the 1990s by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat. Designed to surpass the 9mm in speed and impact, the .30 Super was tailored for concealed carry, offering superior ballistics and velocity for those seeking a potent self-defense round.


.30 Super: A Modern Take on Firearm Ammunition

The .30 Super cartridge is a testament to modern ammunition engineering, providing a high-velocity option for those in search of a powerful, yet manageable, round.

Its design allows for deeper target penetration and a larger wound channel, which is crucial in self-defense scenarios. Competitive shooters also favor the .30 Super for its accuracy and quick shot recovery time.

Despite being larger than the 9mm, the .30 Super maintains a compact size that fits concealed carry requirements. Its balance of firepower and portability has garnered a dedicated following, particularly among those who prioritize performance in their ammunition choice.


9mm: The Universal Handgun Cartridge

The 9mm‘s reputation is built on its reliability and ease of use. Its global presence in the armed forces and civilian market ensures that shooters have access to a wide array of firearm options and ammunition supplies. The 9mm strikes an optimal balance of stopping power and manageable recoil, making it an excellent all-around choice for personal defense, law enforcement, and sport shooting.

Its adaptability across various firearm platforms cements the 9mm’s position as a versatile and practical round for everyday use.

CCI Blazer 30 Super Carry
CCI Blazer 30 Super Carry

Comparing the .30 Super and 9mm: What to Consider

When weighing the .30 Super against the 9mm, consider the intended use—be it for self-defense, range training, or competition shooting. The .30 Super‘s high velocity and terminal performance make it a formidable self-defense round, while the 9mm‘s balance of power and control offers versatility for various shooting disciplines.

Availability and cost are also crucial; the 9mm’s widespread adoption makes it generally more accessible and cost-effective. Additionally, compatibility with your firearm is essential, as the .30 Super‘s larger size may not be as universally accommodated as the 9mm.


Head-to-Head: Performance Differences

The .30 Super‘s main selling point is its stopping power, driven by higher velocity and ballistic superiority. This translates to more effective self-defense capabilities. Conversely, the 9mm is known for its ease of use, with less recoil and a wide acceptance in the shooting community, making it a staple for many gun owners.

However, the .30 Super‘s advantages come with considerations of availability and potential cost, as it is not as prevalent as the 9mm.


Usage Scenarios: Selecting the Right Round

Choosing the right ammunition requires understanding the specific scenarios in which it will be used. The 9mm‘s versatility shines in various contexts, from personal protection to competitive shooting. Its widespread use and availability make it a go-to choice for many.

For those prioritizing self-defense, the .30 Super‘s superior ballistics offer an edge where stopping power is non-negotiable. It’s tailored for those who need confidence in the effectiveness of their carry ammunition.


Pros and Cons: Making an Informed Choice

When selecting the right ammunition for your firearm, understanding the pros and cons of each type is crucial. Here’s an expanded look at the advantages and disadvantages of 9mm and .30 Super ammo to help you make a more informed decision.


9mm Ammo Pros:

  1. Availability: The 9mm is one of the most widely used cartridges worldwide, ensuring easy access to ammo and a broad selection of firearms.
  2. Affordability: Due to its popularity, 9mm rounds are often more affordable and offer a better cost-per-round ratio than less common cartridges.
  3. Versatility: This ammo is suitable for a wide range of activities, including self-defense, target shooting, and professional use by law enforcement.
  4. Recoil: The 9mm is known for its manageable recoil, which allows for quicker follow-up shots and is generally easier for most shooters to handle.
  5. Compatibility: A vast array of pistols and submachine guns are chambered for 9mm, offering flexibility in choosing a firearm.
  6. Capacity: Guns chambered in 9mm typically offer higher magazine capacity, which is a significant advantage in both self-defense and competitive scenarios.


9mm Ammo Cons:

  1. Stopping Power: While effective, the stopping power of a 9mm may not match that of larger calibers, which can be a consideration for those prioritizing knockdown power in a self-defense round.
  2. Over-Penetration Risk: Full metal jacket (FMJ) 9mm rounds can over-penetrate targets, posing a risk in urban environments.
  3. Ballistic Performance: In terms of ballistic performance, the 9mm may fall short compared to larger calibers, especially at longer distances.


.30 Super Ammo Pros:

  1. Terminal Ballistics: The .30 Super is designed to offer superior terminal ballistics, with higher velocity and energy transfer upon impact, resulting in more effective stopping power.
  2. Recoil: Despite its power, the .30 Super is engineered to have less felt recoil than other high-velocity rounds, aiding in shooting accuracy and control.
  3. Concealability: The .30 Super was developed with concealed carry in mind, offering a powerful cartridge that doesn’t sacrifice the ability to be discreet.
  4. Modern Engineering: As a newer cartridge, the .30 Super benefits from recent advancements in ammunition technology, offering improved performance for self-defense.


.30 Super Ammo Cons:

  1. Cost: The .30 Super is generally more expensive than the 9mm, which can be a significant factor for frequent shooters or those on a budget.
  2. Availability: It is not as widely available as the 9mm, which can be a drawback for those who need to purchase ammo on short notice or in less accessible locations.
  3. Firearm Compatibility: There are fewer handguns available that are chambered for the .30 Super, potentially limiting your choices in firearms.
  4. Magazine Capacity: Due to its larger size, handguns chambered for the .30 Super may have a lower magazine capacity than their 9mm counterparts.
Magtech 9mm SAR
Magtech 9mm SAR

User Experience: What Shooters Say

Shooters’ preferences vary widely, with some swearing by the 9mm‘s proven track record and others advocating for the .30 Super‘s advanced capabilities. It’s advisable to test both to determine which aligns with your comfort and shooting goals.


Safety First: Handling Ammunition

Regardless of your ammunition choice, safety is paramount. Adhere to manufacturer guidelines, practice safe handling, store ammunition securely, and commit to ongoing firearms training to maintain proficiency.


Concluding Thoughts on Ammunition Selection

In summary, both the 9mm and .30 Super cartridges offer distinct benefits. The 9mm is a classic, versatile round, while the .30 Super is designed for those seeking advanced performance in specific scenarios. Your decision should be informed by practical considerations and personal preference, with an unwavering commitment to safety.

Whether you opt for the time-honored 9mm or the robust .30 Super, ensure that you handle your ammunition responsibly and continue to educate yourself on the best practices for firearm safety and handling.


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