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9mm Luger - Is It Good For Carbine Use?

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy wanted to go over the 9mm Luger as a carbine round. Our goal with this blog post is to discuss the 9mm Luger in the context of being used in a carbine. We will be touching on the traits and features of the cartridge itself as well as the carbines which chamber the round. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


What is a Pistol Caliber Carbine?

A pistol caliber carbine, or PCC, is essentially a firearm that is larger than a handgun and is chambered in a pistol caliber. PCCs in 9mm Luger and other cartridges can be found in both “pistol” and rifle form, with either short or long barrels. These types of firearms can be found from a variety of manufacturers and in a variety of configurations and styles. Ultimately, a PCC allows an end user to shoot a handgun caliber such as 9mm Luger in a larger package.


Light Recoil

The 9mm Luger is already well-known for its mild recoil impulse. This light recoil impulse is further enhanced when the cartridge is utilized in a carbine. The added weight and larger size of the firearm will soak up recoil more than a standard handgun will. PCCs will rely on a variety of operating methods which can range from direct blowback to roller delayed blowback systems. These methods of operation will do more to absorb recoil impulse than the reciprocating slide and recoil spring assembly of a semi-automatic handgun.

Blazer 9mm 115 Grain
Blazer 9mm 115 Grain

Easier To Shoot

The lighter recoil impulse mentioned above along with other factors make PCCs in 9mm Luger easier to shoot than handguns. If a shooter encounters less recoil, they will have the potential to shoot better. Beyond the light recoil impulse, one will find that the larger PCCs lend themselves well to accurate and easy shooting. A shooter will benefit from the addition of something such as a brace or stock and handguard to stabilize the firearm with. These features afford the shooter more points of contact with the carbine, yielding a higher degree of stability. The ability to add slings to the firearm allow for one to have a more stable shooting experience while also allowing an end user to keep the firearm on their body easier. At the end of the day, a PCC in 9mm Luger is one of the easiest and most pleasant things to shoot.


Plentiful 9mm Luger Ammunition

Currently, the 9mm Luger is one of, if not the most, popular pistol cartridges in the United States. One will encounter 9mm Luger ammunition in most places where firearms and ammunition are sold. These loadings can be found in a variety of forms, providing shooters with a litany of options as far as ammunition goes. Shooters can choose from projectile types such as full metal jacket (FMJ) and jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullets. Specialty options exist from companies such as Barnes, Federal, and Hornady. Companies such as Vairog will even produce ammunition specifically intended for use in carbines. These loadings will typically feature harder primers which will not reliably ignite when struck by a standard semi-automatic handgun. At the end of the day, one will be able to browse a wide variety of 9mm Luger loadings for their PCC. One will have no problem finding ammunition to feed their firearm.


Availability of 9mm Luger Carbines

At this point in time, one will find a wide variety of carbine style firearms chambered in 9mm Luger. As mentioned above, PCCs can be found in “pistol” or rifle form. These firearms can be found from a variety of manufacturers which cater to budgets across the spectrum. Traditionally styled options and tactical offerings are available. One will find no shortage of PCCs based on iconic submachine gun designs on the market. One can consider options such as the B&T APC 9 Pro, Kalashnikov USA’s KP9, and Henry Repeating Arms’ Homesteader carbine just to name a few. One can even build 9mm Luger chambered carbines in the form of AR-9s utilizing components from a variety of companies. These AR-9 type firearms can also be acquired in the form of complete firearms in both “pistol” and rifle form.


Short Barrels or Long Barrels?

In the prior section, it was mentioned that PCCs can be had with short or long barrels. These barrel lengths can typically include popular lengths including 5”, 8”, and 16” barrels. Generally, one can find barrels which are comparable to service sized handguns and barrels which are considerably longer. As with any caliber, longer barrels produce higher degrees of velocity than their shorter counterparts. Longer barrels are also generally going to be capable of higher degrees of accuracy that some of their shorter counterparts. It should also be known that shorter barrels tend to be more rigid than their longer counterparts and are resistant to barrel whip. Shorter barrels also allow an end user to retain a compact package, even when used with a suppressor.  At the end of the day, one should determine whether a short or longer barrel is best for their individual use case. Both options will certainly serve a shooter well and there are certainly advantages to be had with both.

PMC Bronze 9mm 115 Grain
PMC Bronze 9mm 115 Grain

What Do You Use a 9mm Luger Carbine For?

Typically, end users will use PCCs in 9mm Luger for self-defense, competition, and general plinking. The fact that PCCs are easier to shoot than their handgun counterpart makes them optimized for self-preservation. One is afforded a higher degree of control with a PCC than a handgun, allowing them to be wielded efficiently by a variety of users. The added control yielded by a PCC allows an end user to put shots on target easier than a handgun. PCCs, especially in longer form, are commonly used in competition settings such as multigun matches. Finally, PCCs excel at general purpose plinking due to the affordable nature of the cartridge and wide array of loadings one can browse.



All in all, the 9mm Luger cartridge is good for carbine use. The wide variety of PCC options on the market in 9mm Luger allow an end user to truly find something which best fits their preferences. Regardless of whichever PCC you have, we here at True Shot have you covered with a wide variety of 9mm Luger ammunition. As always, happy shooting.


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