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All About Fix It Sticks

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy want to talk all about Fix It Sticks and their products. The company is well-known for their portable and convenient tool kits. Our mission with this blog post is to provide a brief overview of the company while going over some of their product offerings and overall versatility. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


What are Fix It Sticks?

Fix It Sticks is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company is named for their compact and versatile tool kits which consist of t-handles and numerous bits. The tools and bits utilize both metal and plastic construction depending on the specific units. For example, the company makes plastic pin punches, bronze scrapers, brass cleaning rods, and electroless nickel plated bits. These components are designed to hold up over time and can be depended on for years to come. The company has developed a reputation among shooters and cyclists among other end users since their inception. The shooting-oriented kits and products in particular have garnered attention from various sources in the firearms community and military entities. The company states that firearms manufacturers such as Barrett and Heckler & Koch have included Fix It Sticks tools with some of their offerings. The kits have also been contracted by military units across the country.

Fix It Sticks Kit
Fix It Sticks Kit

Why Use Fix It Sticks?

The Fix It Sticks tool kits provide an end user with a wide range of versatile tools in a compact package. The company states that their products are driven by “the three p’s”: portable, precision, and performance. The compact nature of the kits is reflective of the desire to have portable products. The company’s desire for precision is observable in their wide variety of bits and tools being able to torque and work with a variety of different subjects.


Where are Fix It Sticks Made?

Per the company website, Fix It Sticks claims that their products are manufactured in Taiwan. The company’s products are designed and developed domestically in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to their development taking place in the United States, the company also tests their products at their Illinois facility.


Marketed Towards Shooters

Fix It Sticks offers a variety of toolkits which are tailored towards shooters. The company’s website has a drop-down menu showcasing the wide range of products made for shooters of all types. The compact nature of these tool kits makes them easy to be stowed in a range bag. The portability of these tool kits means that one can easily have them on hand in case they are needed. The company manufactures bits which are specifically intended to be used by shooters. These tools include a 1911 bushing tool, Glock front sight tool, universal choke tube wrench, and castle nut wrench to name a few. Whether you are mounting an optic, equipping a rifle with accessories, or wanting to do a bit of cleaning, these tools will be an asset on the range.


What Else Are Fix It Sticks Tools Good For?

Fix It Sticks are made for a variety of end users. While shooters are an obvious demographic targeted by the company, they are not the sole focus of Fix It Sticks. The company also markets kits and specific tools towards cyclists. In addition to specific tools well-suited to cyclists, the company also provides provisions for mounting their multitools directly to one’s bike. The company also offers toolkits intended for general usage. These kits will have a wide range of different bits with t-handles intended for all-purpose usage. Like their other kits, these products can be easily stowed in a number of places like one’s vehicle or a backpack.

Fix It Sticks
Fix It Sticks

Additional Resources

The company’s website has a “learn” tab which links to a variety of resources. Among these resources are instructions, articles, and videos intended to educate end users on Fix It Sticks products and their usage. Among these resources is a collection of various torque values for firearms and accessories such as scope mounts and optics. Torque values can be found for a variety of manufacturers such as Barrett, Glock, Nightforce, and Vortex to name a few. One can also download and print out torque value reference cards to accompany firearms or accessories.



All in all, Fix It Sticks is a company which provides a wide variety of versatile tools. The tool kits and other offerings from the company are a boon for a variety of end users. Whether you’re a shooter, a cyclist, or simply someone who would benefit from a compact and versatile tool kit, Fix It Sticks are worth looking into. In addition to the wide variety of ammunition we stock at True Shot, we also offer Fix It Sticks products. As always, happy shooting.


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