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About Hogue Knives

Hogue Knives is a prominent name in the knife industry, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and dedication to producing top-notch blades. With a rich history and an extensive range of products, Hogue has become a go-to brand for knife enthusiasts, military personnel, law enforcement professionals, and outdoor adventurers alike. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the fascinating history of Hogue Knives, explore their diverse product offerings, and highlight the factors that set their knives apart from the competition.

History of Hogue Knives:

Hogue Knives traces its roots back to 1968 when the company’s founder, Guy Hogue, embarked on a journey to create high-quality handgun grips. His passion for precision machining and attention to detail quickly gained recognition, leading to partnerships with reputable firearm manufacturers.

Over the years, Hogue expanded its product line to include knives, further showcasing its commitment to innovation and excellence. Today, Hogue Knives continues to be a family-owned business, with three generations of expertise contributing to their legacy of producing superior blades.

The Diverse Range of Hogue Knives:

  1. Automatic Knives: Hogue’s line of automatic knives includes a variety of styles and blade types, from tactical designs to everyday carry options. These knives are engineered with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring rapid and reliable deployment, making them a favorite among military and law enforcement personnel.
  2. Folding Knives: Hogue’s folding knives offer exceptional versatility and ease of use. Featuring robust locking mechanisms and durable materials, these knives are suitable for both tactical applications and everyday tasks.
  3. Fixed Blade Knives: Designed for strength and dependability, Hogue’s fixed blade knives are ideal for outdoor adventures, survival situations, and heavy-duty tasks. The selection includes tanto, drop point, and clip point blades to accommodate various preferences.
  4. Tomahawks: Hogue’s tomahawks combine traditional craftsmanship with modern materials, resulting in tools that excel in tactical, hunting, and camping scenarios. These tomahawks feature ergonomic handles and versatile cutting edges for superior performance.
  5. Neck Knives: Hogue’s neck knives are designed for discreet carry and quick access. These lightweight and compact knives are perfect for personal protection and emergency situations.
HOGUE Collector series
HOGUE Collector series: K320 Carbon/Counterstrike OTF Carbon/Deka Carbon

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The Hogue Advantage:

  1. Uncompromising Quality: Hogue Knives places a strong emphasis on precision manufacturing and craftsmanship. Each knife is meticulously designed, tested, and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality, resulting in reliable and durable blades.
  2. Cutting-Edge Materials: Hogue uses premium materials, such as stainless steel, CPM-154, and A2 tool steel, to craft their blades. These high-quality materials ensure superior edge retention, corrosion resistance, and overall longevity.
  3. Ergonomic Designs: Hogue places a significant focus on ergonomics to enhance user comfort and control. Their knife handles are thoughtfully contoured and textured, providing a secure grip and reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
  4. Advanced Locking Mechanisms: Hogue’s folding knives employ robust locking mechanisms, such as the patented Automatic Retention System (ARS®), ensuring safe and secure deployment for optimal user safety.

Other Products made by Hogue Inc.

In addition to knives, Hogue Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of a diverse range of products designed for firearms, shooting sports, and outdoor enthusiasts. Their product offerings include:

  1. Gun Grips: Hogue is renowned for its high-quality handgun grips. They offer a wide selection of grips for popular firearms, including handguns from major brands like Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Colt, and more. These grips are available in various materials, textures, and colors, providing shooters with enhanced comfort, control, and aesthetics.
  2. Rifle and Shotgun Stocks: Hogue manufactures durable and ergonomic rifle and shotgun stocks for both bolt-action rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. Their stocks are constructed using synthetic materials like OverMolded rubber and fiberglass-reinforced polymer, providing superior grip and recoil reduction.
  3. AR-15 Accessories: Hogue produces an array of accessories for AR-15 rifles, including pistol grips, free-floating handguards, collapsible buttstocks, and rubberized rail covers. These accessories are designed to enhance the handling and performance of AR-platform rifles.
  4. Recoil Pads: Hogue offers recoil pads for rifles and shotguns that are designed to reduce felt recoil, making shooting more comfortable and improving overall accuracy. These recoil pads come in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different firearms and shooting preferences.
  5. Holsters and Pouches: Hogue produces holsters and pouches designed for secure and convenient carrying of handguns and magazines. These holsters are crafted with rugged materials to ensure durability and reliability in various carry situations.
  6. Grip Sleeves and HandAll Beavertail Grips: Hogue manufactures grip sleeves and HandAll beavertail grips that provide a secure and comfortable fit over pistol grips, further enhancing handling and control.
  7. Tools and Gear: Hogue offers a range of tools and gear designed for gun maintenance and customization. These include grip screws, cleaning kits, shotgun forend wrenches, and various other firearm-related tools.
  8. Knife Accessories: Apart from manufacturing knives, Hogue also offers knife accessories such as sheaths, carry pouches, and replacement parts for their knives.

Hogue’s commitment to precision manufacturing, innovative design, and premium materials extends to all their products, making them a sought-after brand among firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement, military professionals, and outdoor adventurers. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail have contributed to their longstanding reputation as a trusted provider of high-performance firearm and outdoor gear.


Hogue Knives has carved a niche for itself in the knife industry through a combination of craftsmanship, innovation, and a dedication to producing superior blades. Their diverse product range, advanced materials, and ergonomic designs make them a top choice among knife enthusiasts and professionals alike.

As a family-owned company with a storied history, Hogue Knives continues to be at the forefront of knife manufacturing, staying true to its commitment to excellence. Whether it’s for tactical use, everyday carry, or outdoor adventures, Hogue Knives offers an array of options that deliver unrivaled quality and performance to meet the diverse needs of knife enthusiasts worldwide.

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