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About the National Association for Gun Rights

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy want to talk about the National Association for Gun Rights, a steadfast ally and proponent of gun rights. The organization is a no-compromise gun rights group which prioritizes the expansion and preservation of gun rights. Our goal with this blog post is to provide a brief overview of the organization while delving into some of their traits, reasons to support them, and other pertinent info. Without further ado, let’s talk about the National Association for Gun Rights.


What is the National Association for Gun Rights?

The National Association for Gun Rights, often abbreviated as NAGR, was formed on March 29, 2000. The organization was initially formed to serve as a national companion to the existing Rocky Mountain Gun Owners which would rival organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA). The organization is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado and has a satellite office in Washington D.C. The company focuses on state and federal level issues surrounding the gun rights of American citizens. NAGR boasts a membership of over 4.5 million citizens from each state in the union, representing gun owners of all types from all 50 states.

NAGR also has a legal defense arm in the form of the National Foundation for Gun Rights, or NFGR. The NFGR exists with these two guiding principles at its core:

  • “To enforce and expand pro-gun precedents issued by the courts by challenging unconstitutional laws, and seeking to enforce pro-gun statutes.”
  • “To defend gun owners in the courts to ensure that law-abiding citizens who have had their rights violated by bureaucrats, or overzealous law enforcement, are protected.”

Simply put, NFGR is the legal wing of NAGR which adopts a similar “no-compromise” attitude to its parent organization. The organization seeks to protect and expand the rights of gun owners in the courts and preserve the Second Amendment for generations to come.

Ammo can wearing a NAGR sticker flanked by some guns.
Ammo can wearing a NAGR sticker flanked by some guns.

Why Should You Support the National Association for Gun Rights?

NAGR recognizes that other Second Amendment advocacy groups have compromised on many issues to the point where they have essentially aided in passing gun control efforts. NAGR is not an organization that will compromise on gun rights. Per the NAGR website, “unlike other groups such as the NRA, NAGR believes in absolutely NO COMPROMISE on gun rights issues.” NAGR notably opposes regulations on so called “high capacity” magazines, expressing a desire to resist arbitrary regulations.

The organization notably supports Constitutional Carry legislation and does not believe that citizens should have to ask for permission to bear arms. NAGR specifically distances themselves from other organizations who pine for “National Reciprocity.” This is due to their belief that “National Reciprocity” will inevitably lead to more regulation from the federal government. A video from NAGR regarding Constitutional Carry and how it differs from proposed “National Reciprocity” can be seen here.

As mentioned earlier, NAGR focuses on both state and federal gun rights issues. This means that the organization is invested in expanding and preserving gun rights at every level, even if not all gun owners are affected by one issue or another. For example, the organization has engaged in legal action against restrictive states such as Illinois, Hawaii, and New York on behalf of gun owners. Simply put, the organization seeks to address issues both small and large alike if they stand to negatively impact gun ownership.


How Does True Shot Ammo Support the National Association for Gun Rights?

As a believer in gun rights and personal liberty, True Shot Ammo supports NAGR and actively sponsors and cooperates with the organization. When you buy ammo online from True Shot, you will have the option to donate $5 to NAGR. This is money which will aid the organization in their various legal campaigns to preserve and expand gun rights. Additionally, NAGR members will occasionally have access to free shipping coupons for when they buy ammo from True Shot. These free shipping coupons will be distributed at NAGR’s discretion. Additionally, those who donate to NAGR will have access to exclusive pricing at True Shot.



The organization also frequently engages in giveaways and sweepstakes to raise awareness for their cause. As a perk of the Frontline Defender Membership, NAGR members will automatically be entered into the organization’s monthly giveaways. These monthly giveaways provide winners with high value firearms. Notable prizes for recent giveaways have included an FN Hi Power, a Steyr AUG, and a Springfield Armory Hellion rifle. Supporting an organization which champions and fights for gun rights is already a worthy cause, something made even better by the chance to win some awesome prizes for your support. Simply put, if you support NAGR, you are actively supporting the expansion and preservation of gun rights and can potentially win some great prizes.

Ammo can sporting a NAGR sticker with an AK.
Ammo can sporting a NAGR sticker with an AK.


All in all, NAGR is a stalwart ally to those who support the Second Amendment and will continue to fight tooth and nail for the expansion and preservation of gun rights. We here at True Shot Ammo are glad to support an organization which has been fighting the good fight for at state and federal levels. If you would like to learn more about NAGR, you can do so by visiting their website and browsing their various resources. If you are interested in joining NAGR, you can easily do so on their site and choose a membership which suits you best. Additionally, if you would like to support NAGR when you buy ammo from True Shot, you can make a donation during the check out process. As always, happy shooting.


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