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About Venom Ammo

about venom

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy are going to talk about Venom ammo today. The Venom brand offers range ready loadings for popular calibers that won’t break the bank. Our goal with this blog post is to provide a brief overview of Venom while delving into some of their traits, product offerings, and more. Without further ado, let’s talk about Venom ammo.


What is Venom Ammo?

Venom is one of the brands under the umbrella of Medef Defence, an ammunition manufacturer based in Turkey. Other ammunition brands associated with Medef Defence include Avci Cartridges and Venatum. The brand notably produces a wide range of loadings for popular calibers. Pistol, rifle, and shotgun loadings are offered by Venom, allowing the brand to appeal to a wide range of shooters. Additionally, the loadings offered by Venom are economically priced, meaning that they won’t break the bank and are accessible to shooters of all budgets.


Where is Venom Ammo Made?

As mentioned above, Venom is one of Medef Defense’s brands. The ammunition produced for the Venom brand is done in the parent company’s large facility in Turkey and is manufactured to exacting standards. For example, the loadings offered by Venom are manufactured to CIP specifications. Additionally, the company produces several components in-house. Notably, the company produces their own casings, specifically brass casings. By producing key components in house, the company is able to act independently from an external supplier and keep a close eye on quality.

Venom 12 Gauge Slugs
Venom 12 Gauge Slugs

Handgun Caliber Offerings

When it comes to pistol ammunition, Venom mainly focuses on producing 9mm Luger ammunition. Venom currently offers 9mm Luger ammo in both 115 and 124 grain variations in full metal jacket (FMJ) loadings. These FMJ 9mm Luger ammo offerings utilize lead cores that are adorned by copper jackets. These types of loadings are appropriate for recreational shooting, plinking, training, and competition use. In addition to producing 9mm Luger ammo, Venom also produces 9mm Makarov ammunition. The 9mm Makarov offering from Venom is also an FMJ loading and features a 94 grain projectile.


Rifle Caliber Offerings

Beyond handgun loadings, the Venom brand also produces rifle ammunition for some popular centerfire cartridges. Currently, Venom’s centerfire rifle caliber offerings include 5.56x45mm NATO, 7.62×39, and 7.62x51mm NATO offerings. The 5.56x45mm NATO ammo produced by Venom is available in either a 55 grain or 62 grain form. Regardless of the grain weight, the 5.56 NATO ammo offered by Venom will feature an FMJ projectile. The 7.62×39 ammo offering from Venom features a steel casing and a 123 grain lead projectile. Finally, the 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition produced by Venom is available in the form of a 149 grain FMJ loading with a lead core. The 7.62 NATO ammo offered by Venom is available in either brass or steel cased form. These rifle caliber loadings are well-suited to training, plinking, recreational use, and competition.


Shotgun Shell Offerings

In addition to centerfire pistol and rifle loadings, Venom also offers shotgun ammunition. These loadings are suitable for use cases such as hunting and self-defense and include buckshot and slug offerings. Currently, Venom only offers shotgun loadings in the form of 12 gauge ammo. The slug offerings from Venom are designed to extend a shotgun’s effective range beyond what is possible with buckshot and birdshot. The higher velocities of the Venom slug offerings also make them well suited to achieving suitable penetration and effect on target. The company also offers a traditional 12 gauge buckshot loading with 9 pellets. Additionally, the company produces less lethal rubber slug and rubber buckshot offerings.


Is Venom Ammo Reloadable?

As mentioned above, the casings utilized in Venom ammo products are produced by the brand’s parent company. This is to say that virgin brass casings are utilized in compatible Venom ammo offerings. When an end user shoots their Venom ammo, the brass will then be of the “once fired” variety, making it suitable for reloaders. The use of Boxer primers also aids the reloadability of the casings Venom loadings utilize. This is because Boxer primers are consistently sized unlike Berdan primers.

It is also a bonus that most of the casings utilized by Venom ammo offerings are of the brass variety. Brass casings are significantly easier and more cost-effective to reload than their steel counterparts. Steel casings are much harder on reloading equipment than brass casings are, making them difficult to work with as they can potentially wear or damage tools. Additionally, brass is far more malleable than steel, meaning one will not easily be able to reshape, fireform, or anneal steel casings. All in all, it is possible to reload ammunition from Venom.

Venom 12 Gauge Slugs
Venom 12 Gauge Slugs

Is Venom Ammo Corrosive?

Venom utilizes Boxer primers in the ammunition they offer. Like most Boxer primers, the ones used in Venom ammo products are non-corrosive. This means that they will not release corrosive salts into the bore and action of your gun after firing. Typically, corrosive primers come in the form of Berdan primers. While many corrosive primers are of the Berdan variety, it is important to realize that there are many Berdan primers which will not corrode your firearm. Regardless, one will not need to worry about corrosion when firing any of the ammunition which bears the Venom name. Not even the steel cased loadings from Venom have the potential to corrode your firearm.



All in all, Venom ammo represents a great value for shooters. The pistol, rifle, and shotgun loadings from Venom and their parent company appeal to a wide range of shooters and will not break the bank. We here at True Shot Ammo have a large inventory of ammunition for sale which includes products from Venom. Whether you are looking for Venom ammo or wanting to purchase ammunition of a different type, we here at True Shot Ammo have got you covered. As always, happy shooting.


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