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All About Stone Cold Duck Calls


Welcome back to True Shot Academy! In this edition, we’re stepping away from the ammo discussions to bring you a unique feature—exploring the intricate craftsmanship of Stone Cold Custom Calls. Founded in 2020 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Stone Cold is renowned for creating exceptional, hand-turned game calls that promise a blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


Crafting with Unparalleled Material

What sets Stone Cold Custom Calls apart is their choice of crafting material. The calls are made from a diverse range of Solid Surface Countertop Materials (SSCM), known for their resilience to elements and nonporous nature. This unique combination ensures that every call can withstand varying environmental conditions while retaining its distinctive appearance and quality. Being made from a process of combining natural minerals with acrylic results in a material that is not only dense and durable but also visually stunning.


Ensuring Realism in Every Call

Stone Cold Custom Calls are not just about the looks—they’re designed to be a game-changer in the field. The handcrafted calls are made to produce highly realistic and dynamic game sounds that can adapt to different situations and conditions. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a weekend enthusiast, Stone Cold promises a user-friendly experience, allowing you to generate sounds that attract your game, bringing them closer for the perfect shot.

Aesthetic Appeal that Captures Attention

Stone Cold Custom Calls are a real eye-catcher, thanks to the aesthetic appeal of the Solid Surface Materials. Originally designed for home aesthetics, the distinctive material brings an element of style to the calls. With the wide variety of vibrant colors and patterns, these calls are sure to turn heads and have your hunting buddies asking about the newest call in your collection.


Unique Creations for the Unique Hunter

The uniqueness of every Stone Cold Custom Call is what makes it a treasure for hunters. Each call is precisely hand-crafted, resulting in a masterpiece that is distinctly yours. Owning a Stone Cold call is akin to having a handmade knife on your belt—a symbol of uniqueness and a testament to quality craftsmanship.


At True Shot Ammo, we appreciate quality and craftsmanship that enhance the hunting experience, and Stone Cold Custom Calls certainly fit the bill. With their unique material, realistic sounds, eye-catching designs, and distinctive features, they are a worthy addition to any hunter’s gear.

If you’re in the market for an exceptional duck call, then look no further; Stone Cold Custom Calls, available at True Shot Ammo, are your go-to choice for quality, realism, and uniqueness in every quack!

Stay tuned for more features on innovative hunting equipment and tips here at True Shot Academy!

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