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Ammo Inc

Ammo Inc. Ammunition

Country of Origin – United States
Founded – 2016
Headquarters – Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Website – ammoinc.com



Origins Of Ammo Inc.


With there being a prolific number of companies manufacturing high quality ammo today, it is hard to get a leg up in the industry. Competitors like PMC, Winchester, Sellier & Bellot, Magtech etc. are continually changing how we shoot today with the ammo they are producing.

Today, there a couple of new ammo companies that are changing the game and making a big impact in the shooting industry, one of those companies is Ammo Inc. Founded in 2016, Ammo Inc. was started by Chairmen and CEO Fred Wagenhals and his business partner Chris Larson with a single vision to change and innovate the complacent munitions industry for the next generation of shooters.

They started their main ammo production line up in Payson, Arizona and eventually switched their manufacturing plant to Manitowoc, Wisconsin in the summer of 2022. This is new state-of-the-art facility will expand their capacity to over one billion rounds annually. Currently, they moved their operations to Scottsdale, Arizona. With Ammo Inc. being a relatively new company, they are always finding new ways to expand their ammo line-up.


Ammo Inc. Product Line-Up


Ammo Inc. has been famous for designing their own unique items. They value high-quality and reliability within their products. Ammo Inc. offers more than 60 different items to choose from. Ranging from .380 AUTO to .50 BMG, they have any handgun and rifle ammo you are looking for. They have four separate line-ups that each have different properties and variants. Detailed information for each line-up is provided below:


The STREAK Visual Ammunition Series 

Many people have heard of or have used tracer rounds while shooting. For those who don’t know, a tracer round is a projectile that creates a visible trail due to the chemical compounds the rounds are coated in. Meaning, when the bullet is fired, the powder in the casing ignites the charge and it glows leaving the cartridge. The tracer round is commonly used by the military to keep track of shot trajectories, but tracer rounds can also be used by law enforcement and civilian use.

However, based on your shooting ranges polices & rules, almost every range does not allow tracer rounds to be shot. This is because tracer rounds are not only distracting for other shooters around you but can cause serious fires depending what materials it impacts.

This is where the STREAK series from Ammo Inc. solves that problem. STREAK’s exclusive patented technology allows Ammo Inc. to create a non-incendiary round that doesn’t generate heat, allowing you to use and are safe in environments where tracers are prohibited. These results are game-changing for every consumer for indoor range use and low light shooting. The STREAK Visual Ammunition Line-up comes in the following calibers: .38 special, .380 AUTO, .40 S&W, .44magnum, .44 special, .45 AUTO, .45 colt and of course 9mm. These calibers also come in FMJ and JHP if preferred.


The Stelth Subsonic Ammunition Series 

First and far most, what are subsonic rounds? The speed of sound is roughly 1127 feet per second. When a moving object, such as a bullet for example, breaks that threshold, there is an audible shock wave that produces the “crack” sound. Most of the noise that comes from shooting a rifle does not from the bullet breaking the sound barrier, but from the expanding gases rapidly escaping the rifles or handguns barrel. This creates the subsonic ammunition that is designed to operate at velocities below the speed of sound.

Ammo Inc. prides themselves on producing an amazing subsonic round that achieves both decibel drop and cleanliness within the round. Ammo Inc. Stelth infuses proprietary hyperclean technology with precision standards to produce this subsonic round. With many companies and manufactures performing standard tuning for their rounds, Ammo Inc. thinks outside of the box. With many collaborations with leading suppressor manufacturers and endless hours of engineering, they continue to produce an advanced subsonic cartridge today. The Stelth series comes in .300 BLK, .45 AUTO and 9mm.


The JMC Series

The Jagemann Munition Components series is the brass they use for their cartridges. They use premium grade, American-made brass that screams high quality. This manufactured brass is built to perform effortlessly and capable of producing straight, rimless, semi-rimmed, and bottleneck designs for each cartridge. Their brass delivers confidence to every shooter on range days, hunting and self-defense situations.

Ammo Inc. Signature Series 

This line-up focuses on rifle calibers. This line up still uses their premium grade brass and hyperclean technology for each caliber. The signature series and components are also 100% made in the US with productions being in Wisconsin. The signature series focuses on balancing the velocity, accuracy and recoil of each caliber. These key aspects help the performance of the ballistics of each round. The signature series include the follow calibers: .223 Rem, .300 BLK, .308 Win, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .380 AUTO, .40 S&W, .44 special, .45 AUTO, .45 COLT, 10mm and 9mm.

Did Ammo Inc. Buy Gunbroker.com?

What is gunbroker.com? Gun Broker has been the world’s largest online auction marketplace dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting, and related products. You can find almost any firearm you are interested in buying. Gun Broker provides a simple process of buying or selling gear and firearms. With Gun Broker gaining popularity and producing successful numbers, Ammo Inc. purchased Gun Broker in early 2021. The transaction involved an approximate $240 million merger of the recognized entities resulting in Gunbroker.com and certain affiliates becoming a fully owned subsidiary of Ammo Inc. I would recommend visiting gunbroker.com to see what  they have to offer with the wide range of firearms and hunting related products.

Is Ammo Inc. Ammunition Any Good?

In short terms, yes, Ammo Inc. has provided many different innovative changes when it comes to the ammo industry. Depending on what you are needing, Ammo Inc. has many options for your ammo needs. They continually are trying to come up with new designs and innovations that will makes them stand out of the competition. With the recent purchase of Gunbroker.com, you will see many changes and new products coming from Ammo Inc.


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