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Alpine Arms Training

Equipment Advice From CEO of Alpine Arms


Today, we have the great privilege of having a guest post from the CEO of Alpine Arms, Steven Grindel.

Alpine Arms prides themselves on firearms training to the highest level. With offering single and multi-day courses, as well as private training for individuals and groups, Alpines Arms courses gives you the advantages over everyone else when it comes to firearm training.

Their sought after instructors have decades of combined real-world experience ranging from U.S. Army Special Forces, LE SWAT, to national level competitive shooting. Whether you are a novice shooter or active-duty military or law enforcement, Alpine Arms training is designed to help you become a better shooter.

Steve has built up Alpine Arms from personal experience and knowledge throughout his career in the Military. We had the great opportunity to get his thoughts on how to choose and use the right equipment for you. Steve Grindel’s thoughts below:

Alpine Arms Rifle Training
Alpine Arms Rifle Training


How To Choose The Right Equipment

“Let’s face it, everyone likes “New and Shiney” materials, but is your purchase right for what you need? Once we understand what our needs are vs. what we want, we can narrow down potential options for our next big purchase.

Now, this can be a big leap of faith for some, for others they act like giant sponges willing to listen to everything making educated decisions and typically are happier with their purchase. Ask yourself these couple questions when narrowing down choices for your next options. ”

How Can This Benefit Me?

“These are nothing more than tools. Do I wan this specific tool to be concealed under my favorite UV hoodie and board shorts? Do I need to shoot sub MOA (Minute of Angle targets) at 1200 plus yards? Will I be hiking through the Rockies chasing that next trophy buck? Once you have figured out what you need this system to do, you can now begin to put options together. Remember you are part of the system too.”

What Is My Budget?

“From my point of view this includes the firearm, optics, accessories, ammo, cleaning supplies, and proper instructions if you want to set yourself up for success. Usually, I hear this a couple times a day “Well, they’re both AR’s, this one is just “AS GOOD”. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case. This is like comparing a Toyota Corolla to a Ferrari. Technically they are both cars, but one will afford you more “Cool Points” than the other.

So, they are not the same. Can you afford to feed it? Meaning, can you afford to actually shoot this enough to become efficient and effective with it? Think about shooting a training bolt gun in .223 vs. 7PRC, $1.50 a round is easier to manage than $4 a round. How available is the ammunition? Can you find reloading components for it? These are key questions to ask yourself before pulling the trigger on your next tool or equipment.”

What are Your Capabilities?

“This usually one hurts a lot of people’s feelings…

Most of us want to think that the equipment is the reason for our failure. Yes, equipment can and will eventually fail if it’s used enough. It is what it is! People in general prefer the easy button. I’m right, we blame the equipment, not the end user. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “My pistol shoots low left”, no you just suck and need to hold on for dear life and shash the trigger without moving the gun! Sorry not sorry!

If your budget allows you to purchase the latest and greatest “High Speed” gear, that’s great! Ultimately, buy the best equipment you can. Unfortunately the best kit in the world will make your job easier, but it will not do it for you.”

Roll Up:

“Think about what you need vs. want. Be specific!

Want can I actually afford?

What are my ACTUAL capabilities?

Do I need a fancy new gadget or do I need to buy more ammo? You also have to take training into affect.

With that being said, make sure you do your due diligence on research before every purchase. Many people purchase through impulse instead of being rational. Every tool and equipment have their pros & cons but may be better or worse for others, it all depends on what you need it for and how you are going to operate it.”


-Steve Grindel

CEO of Alpine Arms

Want to become a better shooter? Need training on your handgun or rifle? Visit Alpine Arms website to see what type of training you need. Ranging from defensive pistol & rifle training to nocturnal fighting, Alpine Arms covers relevant tactical training techniques to enhance your ability and confidence with your personal weapon. 

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