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Flashlights for Everyday carry

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy are going to go over flashlights for everyday carry. Flashlights are an invaluable piece of kit which have been used by people from all walks of life for generations. Concealed carriers and prepared individuals are no different. Our mission with this blog post is to go over two common illumination sources a person could carry on their body while delving into their traits and other considerations. Now, let’s talk about flashlights for everyday carry.


Handheld Lights

Handheld lights are incredibly versatile tools which afford the user illumination on demand. While many people think of larger-sized flashlights like older Maglite models, modern handheld lights can be had in slim form factors. Companies such as Surefire, Streamlight, and Olight produce a number of flashlights conducive to everyday carry. Surefire’s Stilleto models and Streamlight’s Wedge line of flashlights are specifically optimized for everyday carry use due to their slim profile. While slim options exist, there are also traditional tubular style flashlights which are optimized for carry. These traditional style flashlights will often utilize standard batteries such as CR123s while the slimmer ones typically feature rechargeable batteries.


Weapon Mounted Lights

Pistol mounted flashlights are also commonly used by shooters these days. A number of concealed carriers also employ weapon mounted lights of all sizes to complement their everyday carry. These lights can be acquired from a variety of manufacturers such as Surefire, Modlite, and Streamlight to name a few. Weapon lights are also available in multiple sizes, making it easy to find a model which best fits your specific firearm and intended use case. Pistol lights can be as large as a Surefire X300 or as compact as a Streamlight TLR-7. Most lights will mount onto a rail section on a pistol’s frame. These rails will typically be picatinny spec or of the “universal” variety. Other attachment methods exist for pistols with non-standard accessory rails as well as trigger guard mounted options. The addition of a light to a pistol will also require a holster specifically designed to accommodate the pistol with a light mounted.

Surefire EDCL2-T.
Surefire EDCL2-T.

Different Types of Lights Come with Different Considerations

It goes without saying that these two different types of lights are quite different. One of the biggest things to consider with a weapon mounted light is the fact that it is attached to a firearm. This means that everything one would attempt to illuminate with a weapon mounted light will also have a gun pointed at it.

Obviously, this can be an issue in many cases. A handheld flashlight will allow a user to provide illumination without potentially flagging people or pulling a gun out where they shouldn’t. Think about all the circumstances and places you could need illumination where a firearm’s presence would be inappropriate. If one needed to provide light to aid in checking their tires beside the road on a dark night, a handheld light makes much more sense than brandishing a light-wearing pistol around. Essentially, these are two different types of tools that both provide illumination. One also does not have to choose to have one of these lights over the other. One could carry a handheld light while also carrying a pistol with a weapon mounted light.


Positive Target Identification Is Important

The introduction of illumination to potential conflict can be a deterrent in and of itself. For example, sudden beam of light can deter someone from fiddling with a lock or loitering in a sensitive area. Some cases like these can be resolved without actually having to confront a potential threat. The addition of light will also allow a user to determine if a threat is even actually present. When employing firearms in any capacity, one should be sure of their target and their surrounding area. This is especially important in the context of employing firearms defensively.


Practical Shooting Considerations

If one intends to have a light with them to supplement the pistol they carry for self-defense, it only makes sense that one should practice shooting with their light as well. There are a variety of techniques and methods regarding shooting in conjunction with a flashlight, both handheld and weapon mounted. As mentioned earlier, these are two different types of tools which perform a similar task. Training and building proficiency with both types of lights and when it is best to employ them will benefit a shooter.

Glock 45 MOS with Aimpoint ACRO
Glock 45 MOS with Aimpoint ACRO


All in all, one will benefit by adding a source of illumination to their everyday carry. The ability to provide oneself with immediate illumination is incredibly useful in many circumstances. With the wide variety of lights on the market it is easy to find something that fits your budget and needs. Regardless of the type of light you choose to run, you will certainly need ammunition for self-defense and training usage. We here at True Shot carry a wide variety of ammunition to get you stocked up for these purposes. As always, happy shooting.


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