How To Properly Zero your Rifle


Welcome, sharpshooters and enthusiasts! True Shot Ammo is excited to share a comprehensive journey on How To Properly Zero Your Rifle by Haley Strategic Training (HST). This instructional video comes from the annual HST Team Week instructor development, and will outline the truth about accurate zeroing.


The Essence of Rifle Zeroing

Zeroing a rifle, the process of aligning your sight with your point of impact, seems fundamental. Yet, a decade of data collection reveals a startling fact: approximately 95% of shooters inaccurately zero their rifles. Many choose a standard range (25, 50, or 100 yards), fire a few rounds, and consider the job done. This method, based on theoretical ballistic data from online sources or books, overlooks the unique narrative each rifle has to tell.


The Bullet Never Lies

The journey to a true zero begins by understanding that every bullet tells a story. Let’s delve into our systematic approach, ensuring your rifle’s reliability in any scenario.

How To Zero Your Rifle
How To Zero Your Rifle

The Rifle Zeroing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide


Creating a Stable Platform

The first step is establishing a stable shooting position. This involves a firm prone stance, ensuring the rifle is securely positioned and your body is aligned with the target. The goal here is straight alignment from shoulders to feet.


Magazine Positioning and Contact Points

Next, we address myths about magazine positioning. Rest assured, a well-made rifle will not malfunction from magazine-ground contact. The focus then shifts to the natural points of aim provided by our elbows and feet, creating a solid connection with the rifle.


Optic Alignment and Breathing Techniques

Optic alignment is crucial. We ensure the reticle is neither overpowering the target nor too faint. Breathing techniques, like the Respiratory Pause or Half-Breath methods, play a vital role in stabilizing shots.


Trigger Manipulation

The art of trigger manipulation cannot be overstated. Proper finger placement and pressure are critical for an ideal shot. Each pull of the trigger is a blend of precision and mindful control.


Analyzing the Targets: The Real Test

After firing a series of rounds, we analyze the impact. Using targets with measurement grids, such as one-inch squares, we make precise adjustments. We consider factors like elevation differences at varying distances (50, 100, 200, and 300 yards) to determine the rifle’s effective combat zone.


Documenting Your Data

Recording your Doppler data (Data of Previous Engagements) is essential. Note details like gun model, barrel length, ammunition type, and optic specifications. This ongoing documentation forms an invaluable resource in understanding your rifle’s performance over time.

How to zero your rifle
How To Zero Your Rifle

The Importance of Repeated Practice and Consistency

Like elite athletes, shooters must embrace consistency and regular practice. Each rifle, even those of identical make and model, will behave slightly differently. By chronicling your zeroing sessions and regularly reviewing your data, you build a solid foundation for your zero.


The Criticality of a Reliable Zero in Combat

In combat situations, an un-zeroed rifle can have dire consequences. Regular checks and adjustments are not just a practice; they’re a necessity.


Conclusion: Embracing the Journey to Perfect Zero

We hope this detailed guide enhances your understanding of rifle zeroing. Your rifle has a story, and it’s up to you to unlock its full potential. For those eager to explore further, True Shot Ammo offers a wide range of ammunition perfectly suited for your zeroing needs. And if you’re looking for expert training, Haley Strategic Training provides unparalleled guidance in firearm mastery.

Your journey to the perfect zero is just beginning. Stay sharp, safe, and always aim for precision. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


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