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Belom 7.62x39 ammo

Is Belom Ammo Any Good?

Belom Ammo Review

Belom got its start producing ammo for the Serbian military. Founded in 2015, the company was originally contracted to produce high quality, domestically sourced ammunition. Since then, Belom has grown to become a recognized brand both here in the U.S. and Europe their ammunition is made to S.A.A.M.I and C.I.P. Specs. The company focuses its efforts on a small line of ammunition, 12.7x108mm, 9x19mm and 7.62x39mm. Civilian sales are obviously focused on the latter two offerings since 12.7×108 isn’t as popular or common (although it would be cool to see it offered here in the U.S.).

Belom 7.62x39 Image showing sealed primers Where is Belom Ammo Made?

Belom Ammo is a small arms manufacturer who produces ammunition in Serbia. None of its components or materials come from Russia.

Belom was initially created to supply the Serbian military with a domestic source of ammo. The intent was to reduce or remove any dependence upon foreign ammunition supply and importation, and boost Serbia’s defense capabilities. Given recent events in eastern Europe, we can begin to see why this is so important for a small nation like Serbia.

What makes Belom good?

As previously stated, Belom is focused on producing a small line of ammunition with an emphasis on quality control. The company has a viewable document showing they are ISO:9001 Certified. This basically means they are internationally recognized as being more than capable of consistently mass-producing ammunition that meets consumer regulations in both quality and safety. This certification extends to how they run their facility as well. We’ll explain further on how this translates to the available loadings you’ll find at True Shot.

Belom 9x19mm

Belom produces two different 9mm loads, one in 115 grain FMJ and another in 124 grain FMJ. Both offerings feature cases that are fully sealed and waterproofed, and come packaged in durable plastic containers marked with their branding. True Shot Ammo has carried the Belom 9mm luger 124 grain Full Metal Jacket ammo which has been wildly popular with our customers. Customers love the consistency and cleanliness and have made Belom ammo a go-to for their training ammunition.

Additionally, this Belom 9mm ammunition is non-magnetic (range safe) and non-corrosive. Belom also provides a spec sheet on their website which shows a base shelf-life of 15 years. This is a step up from other manufacturers who will only guarantee a shelf-life of 10 years or don’t list anything at all.

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Belom 7.62×39

Designed for the AK-47 platform, Belom 7.62×39 has been wildly popular amongst our customers. This 7.62×39 target ammunition is a Belom 7.62x39 in loaded Magazine 123 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) load, with a sealed primer that is non-corrosive. Belom 762×39 is brass cased and the full metal jacket projectile does not lead which means you can shoot this project indoors as well as outdoors.

Unlike full metal jacket projectiles, bi-meal jacketed 7.62×39 is not safe to shoot indoors as it can cause sparks and potentially catch an indoor range on fire. Bi-metal jacketed ammunition is also not safe to shoot at steel targets as it can cause pitting to the steel target. Pitting of targets can be dangerous as the splatter from lead projectiles can become erratic and less predictable, as steel targets are designed to deflect splatter into the ground.

These rounds come packed in a nice plastic container of 20 rounds per pack. The author has personally shot this ammunition in his AK and found it to be clean and consistent, with no issues related to function like stuck cases, failure to fire or dislodged primers. Every round went off without issue. Belom also states this ammo has a 15-year guaranteed shelf life as well.

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20 round box of Belom 7.62x39 Conclusions on Belom Ammo

Is Belom Ammo good? Belom produces high quality training rounds in 9mm and 7.62×39, the brand has also has been very popular with our customers. Belom became an internationally recognized brand for quality in a short period of time after being founded in 2015. Meeting the stringent military standards set forth by the Serbian Government, the same quality rounds they produce for the Serbian Military are what you will purchase from True Shot Ammo.

Belom produces high quality training ammunition in 7.62×39 and 9mm. The ammunition Belom makes for its military is the same ammunition they sell to civilian markets all over the world

Belom Ammunition has been a welcome addition to the many different brands of ammo we carry at True Shot. With the popularity of their products and the quality of ammunition they produce, we only wish thy would expand their product line to other calibers.

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