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Norma TAC 22 LR 40 Grain LRN

Norma Tac 22 Review

In the world of competitive shooting and hunting, the right ammunition can be a game-changer. One name that has been resonating well in the circles of firearm enthusiasts is Norma Tac 22. This product review aims to shed light on the features, pros, and cons of this renowned ammunition.

Ballistics Chart

Metric Value
Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Grain Weight 40 grain
Muzzle Velocity 1100 fps
Muzzle Energy 110 ft-lbs
Bullet Style Lead Round Nose (LRN)

Ideal Usage

The Norma Tac 22 ammunition is versatile, making it ideal for a wide range of activities including:

  • Target shooting
  • Small game hunting
  • Competitive shooting

The Good

  • Reliable Performance: Norma Tac 22 is known for its consistent and reliable performance, making it a preferred choice for many shooting enthusiasts.
  • Accuracy: This ammo stands tall when it comes to accuracy, promising tight groupings at varying distances, which is a big plus for hunters and target shooters.
  • Clean Shooting: Norma Tac 22 ammunition is fairly clean, reducing the amount of residue left in the barrel and helping maintain your firearm in top condition.

The Bad

  • Availability: A common issue faced by users is the limited availability of this ammunition, making it a bit hard to find at times.
  • Price: Compared to other .22 LR ammunition, Norma Tac 22 comes with a slightly higher price tag, which might deter budget-conscious buyers.


Norma Tac 22 ammunition is manufactured by Norma Precision AB, a Swedish company known for its high-quality ammunition and shooting products. Their reputation in the market speaks volumes about the reliability and quality of their products.


With a rich lineage from Norma Precision AB, Norma Tac 22 demonstrates remarkable performance in various shooting scenarios. Whether it’s the clean shooting experience or the impressive accuracy, this ammunition lives up to the reputation of its manufacturer, promising a satisfying experience for shooters.

However, prospective buyers should be prepared to shell out a bit more compared to other alternatives in the market. Also, keeping an eye out for availability can be a task given its high demand.

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