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PMC Bronze 10mm, 200 Grain, Full Metal Jacket FMJ

PMC Bronze 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ Review

When it comes to the world of ammunition, shooters and hunters alike have a plethora of options to choose from. Among these, the PMC Bronze 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ stands out for various reasons. This blog post aims to offer a comprehensive review of this ammunition, focusing on its specifications, pros, cons, and overall performance. Let’s get started.


  • Caliber: 10mm Auto
  • Grain Weight: 200 Grain
  • Projectile Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Muzzle Velocity: Varies based on barrel length, but generally around 1050 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: Around 490 ft-lbs

The Good


PMC Bronze ammunition is well-known for its reliability, and the 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ is no exception. From smooth chambering to consistent ejection, this ammo offers an error-free shooting experience.


The 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ is a versatile cartridge suitable for various applications, from range shooting to medium game hunting. Its 200-grain weight provides ample force for effective impact.


In the realm of 10mm ammunition, PMC Bronze offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.


The FMJ bullet type ensures that the projectile maintains its structure upon impact, leading to better accuracy. The ammo is also great for long-range shots, thanks to its robust ballistic performance.

The Bad

Limited Tactical Application

While the Full Metal Jacket is excellent for range shooting, it may not be the ideal choice for self-defense or tactical applications due to its lower stopping power compared to hollow-point ammo.


10mm Auto is known for its higher recoil, and the 200 Grain FMJ load is no exception. It may be a bit much for beginners or those sensitive to recoil.

Verdict: Is PMC Bronze 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ Worth It?

The PMC Bronze 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ is a well-rounded option for those looking for reliability, versatility, and affordability in one package. While it may not be the best choice for tactical applications due to its FMJ construction, it offers excellent performance for range shooting and medium-game hunting. Its higher recoil can be managed with proper training and technique. All things considered, this ammunition delivers excellent value for the price.

So there you have it, a complete rundown of the PMC Bronze 10mm Auto 200 Grain FMJ. Whether you are a casual shooter or a serious hunter, this ammo offers an excellent blend of features to meet your needs.

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  1. At this velocity it will be subsonic, and should be effective in suppressed pistols. Flat point bullets track straight in tissue and penetrate better than hollow points. This is good defensive ammo.

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