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PMC Bronze 32 Auto 71 Grain FMJ Review

The ammo market is a labyrinth of choices, with everything from self-defense rounds to hunting cartridges readily available. However, when it comes to everyday use or practice, the PMC Bronze 32 Auto 71 Grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) stands out as a dependable choice. In this comprehensive review, we will dissect its specifications, evaluate its pros and cons, and deliver a verdict that aims to answer the question: Is this the right ammunition for you?


  • Caliber: 32 Auto
  • Grain Weight: 71 Grain
  • Projectile Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 900 fps (feet per second)
  • Muzzle Energy: 128 ft-lbs (foot-pounds)

The Good

Consistency and Reliability

PMC is a brand well-known for its quality control and consistency. With the Bronze 32 Auto 71 Grain FMJ, you can expect this level of reliability, making it a great choice for training sessions or plinking.

Low Recoil

One of the highlights of this round is its low recoil, which makes it particularly useful for beginners or those who are sensitive to higher recoil cartridges.

Availability and Affordability

PMC Bronze ammunition is generally cost-effective and available in large quantities, allowing for extended practice sessions without burning a hole in your pocket.


The 32 Auto caliber is suitable for compact pistols, making it a versatile choice for concealed carry and general self-defense, even if it’s not the top pick in terms of stopping power.

The Bad


With the declining popularity of 32 Auto as a caliber, its simply expensive to shoot as compared to calibers like 9mm, 380, and 40 S&W.

The Verdict

The PMC Bronze 32 Auto 71 Grain FMJ is a reliable, affordable, and versatile ammunition choice, particularly for those looking for low-recoil rounds for practice or general use. While it may not be the first choice for self-defense due to its limited stopping power, its benefits of affordability and consistent performance make it an attractive option for target shooting or plinking.

If you’re in the market for a round that won’t let you down in terms of quality and consistency, this PMC Bronze 32 Auto is certainly worthy of your consideration.

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