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PMC Bronze 40 S&W 165 Grain JHP Review

When it comes to selecting ammunition, the decision is often fraught with an overwhelming number of choices. In the universe of .40 S&W ammunition, one particular product worth considering is the PMC Bronze 40 S&W 165 Grain JHP. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive review of this ammunition, covering its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision.


  • Caliber: .40 Smith & Wesson (S&W)
  • Grain Weight: 165 Grains
  • Projectile Type: Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
  • Muzzle Velocity: Approximately 1,130 feet per second (fps)
  • Muzzle Energy: About 468 foot-pounds

The Good

Terminal Ballistics

JHP bullets are designed to expand upon impact, causing larger wound channels and improving their stopping power, making them ideal for self-defense situations.

Clean Shooting

PMC is renowned for producing ammunition that features clean-burning powders and reliable primers, reducing the need for frequent firearm maintenance.

Consistent Performance

Users often report consistent muzzle velocities and tight groupings, indicative of high-quality manufacturing standards.

The Bad


Some shooters may find the recoil to be snappier compared to other calibers like the 9mm, which could be a disadvantage for those sensitive to recoil. But again, like a lot of our reviews on PMC products, this is an indictment of 40 S&W and not with this PMC product.

The Verdict

PMC Bronze 40 S&W 165 Grain JHP is well-suited for self-defense and it provides reliable, consistent performance. So if you’re looking for a great round for self-defense, make sure you include PMC’s offering in 40 S&W.

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