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Hey everyone, welcome back to True Shot Academy. Today we have a new product to showcase from non other than professional competitive shooter and firearms instructor, Hunter Constantine. Lets dive in!


Do you ever get uncomfortable with carrying your gun? Do your hips get get stiff? Does your lower back feel tight after a full day of concealed carry? Hot spots, no more! The Constantine Carry Belt is designed to work with your body while keeping your gun secure. 

I am Hunter Constantine, and I designed and developed the Constantine Carry Belt. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find the right concealed carry combo that was comfortable for day-in and day-out use. It led me to create my own with features that presented themselves after excess concealed carry practice. I am a Grand Master in USPSA and teach firearm proficiency to people nationwide. I developed products specifically with the shooter mind from first-hand experience. 

HC Hunter Constantine Belt
Constantine Carry Belt

Why does this belt stand out from others? The stretch. This belt incorporates stretch into the design so it moves and forms fits to your body throughout your day. Stretch allows your hips and back to stay loose and helps you accommodate different-sized guns. The reinforced rigid area is what the holster attaches to. This ensures the gun does not have excess movement and creates a lower printing signature on your body. The entire belt is designed to be low profile, so there are no oversized and cumbersome buckles you have to worry about. 

One of the best features is the ease of use without belt loops. If you’re like me and find yourself in athletic shorts or lounge pants, you know how hard it is to carry regularly. The elastic in the belt keeps your holster in place, and you can wear your shorts over it. It also works with leggings, making concealed carry more accessible for females. 

The belt has a perfect 5-star review. Here are some customer testimonials: Harrison K – “When I had ordered, I was on the fence between 2 sizes. I messaged Hunter, and he was super helpful in explaining where I may fit better in, and giving his own experiences as well. Hunter even offered to swap out the belt for the other side if I did not fit in the size that I ordered. Got the belt, and it fits amazing, super comfortable in pants or wearing under shorts without belt loops. Great quality!” And another from Cody: “I figured out early on that the STIFF rigid belts were not for me. Yes, you need a stiff belt vertically but having a rigid belt of steel wrapped around you is uncomfortable and caused printing and back issues. I switched to an elastic belt that worked really well but when I saw this design I thought it might be the best of both worlds. Turns out, it is. This is a great EDC belt. I rock mine daily now.” These are two satisfied concealed carry citizens amongst thousands of others who enjoy the belt. 

HC Hunter Constantine Belt 3 Colors
Constantine Carry Belt

Key Features: 

  • Form-fitting to your body 
  • No belt loops needed
  • 1.5″ Width
  • Minimalistic look 
  • Reinforced Scuba Webbing to handle the wear and tear of daily use.
  • 2 quick adjustment ladder loop positions for the buckle so you can adjust the tension without having to take the belt off.
  • It comes in three sizes, each universally sized. 
  • Large: 36-48 Inches (Pants Size)
  • Regular: 32-42 Inches (Pants Size)
  • Small: 26-32 Inches (Pants Size)

If you’re looking to jump into the modern concealed carry, look no further. The Constantine Concealed Carry belt is your answer. I have partnered with True Shot Ammo to bring you an exclusive deal. Grab yourself a belt and some of your favorite ammo in one swoop, just in time for the holidays for yourself or someone in your life.


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7 Responses

  1. I have a 38” waist in pants that I wear. The regular is between 32 to 42. Is this size for me because the large overlaps 36 to 48?


    1. Hi Lee,

      Thanks for your question! It sure is! Please note that this belt is fully adjustable up to a size 48. Stay tuned for more sizing and colors!

  2. I used to have a 33 waist and eventually probably will get back there but I’m wearing size 30 waist pants now. Which belt size do you think I should invest in? The small or medium?

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