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Upcoming California excise Tax on Guns and Ammo

California Excise Tax July 1, 2024

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy wanted to inform everyone about an upcoming change which will have a significant impact on shooters in California. Our goal with this blog post is to inform readers about the upcoming excise tax which will make firearms, ammunition, and components more expensive. 

To help those living behind enemy lines, True Shot Ammo will be offering a $20 Flat Rate Shipping option from June 18 – 25th for orders under $1,500 and shipped to California. Ammunition will still need to ship to an FFL, and orders will need to be picked up before July 1 to avoid the new 11% state tax. Make sure your FFL is on file here before you order to ensure your order ships on time.

Without further ado, let’s address the upcoming California excise tax.


What is Happening?

California is preparing to enact a new excise tax on licensed firearms dealers, firearms manufacturers, and ammunition vendors. This excise tax will be implemented at the rate of 11% “of the gross receipts from the retail sale in this state of any firearm, firearm precursor part, or ammunition.” Once this excise tax is implemented, California gun owners will have to shoulder the 11% increased tax in addition to existing taxes and fees. Simply put, buying firearms, parts, and ammo is about to get significantly more expensive for Californian gun owners.


Why is This Happening?

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 28 (AB28) into law on September 26, 2023. AB28 outlines the details of the 11% excise tax on firearms, components, and ammunition in addition to specifying where the revenue gained from the tax will go. Under AB28, all revenue generated by the 11% excise tax will go towards a Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Fund.

California Excise Tax July 1, 2024
California Excise Tax July 1, 2024

When Does This Go into Effect

The 11% excise tax will go into effect on July 1, 2024. California gun owners will have the rest of June to purchase ammunition, firearms, and firearm precursor parts before being subjected to the new tax. Once this excise tax goes into effect, California will be the first state in the nation to enact a statewide tax on firearms and ammunition.


What is Being Done About This?

Gun rights organizations such as the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) have already voiced their intent to challenge the new tax after it goes into effect. The CRPA specifically states that their challenge will come after tax goes into effect as historically taxes can only be challenged after they have been paid. Keep an ear to the ground and keep an eye on upcoming challenges to AB28.


Is Anyone Exempt from This Excise Tax?

Under the provisions outlined by AB28, some exemptions from the 11% excise tax exist. These exceptions can be read in detail in “Chapter 3. Exemptions,” in the bill’s full text. Peace officers, both active and retired, are exempted from the tax on any firearm, firearm precursor part, and ammunition. Furthermore, law enforcement agencies employing said peace officer are also exempted from the 11% excise tax. Additionally, AB28 exempts firearms dealers, manufacturers, and ammunition vendors who make less than $5,000 in sales of applicable items in a quarterly period.


Some Other Considerations

Something very important to be considered by Californian gun owners is the fact that the last day to purchase a gun before the 11% excise tax will be June 20th. This is because California has a 10-day waiting period that buyers are subjected to when purchasing firearms. 10 days from June 20th is June 30th, the last day before the excise tax goes into effect.

California Excise Tax July 1, 2024
California Excise Tax July 1, 2024

True Shot Ammo’s Response

We here at True Shot Ammo will be running $20 flat rate shipping promotion for all orders going to California. This promotion will be live from June 18th through June 24th. The $20 flat rate shipping has no restrictions as far as quantities and products are concerned. Be sure to get your order in and get stocked up before the excise tax hits.

Something worth noting is that this is not a “Freedom Week” type situation. Orders will still need to go to an FFL in accordance with California law. As such, California customers should be ready to provide their FFL information or ensure we have it on file when they order. By doing so, we can ensure that the order gets out to you as soon as possible before the tax goes into effect. Shipping delays may occur if FFL information is not provided, which can lead to orders arriving after the implementation of the tax. Simply put, customers in California should make sure that their FFL and compliance information is accurate prior to ordering to ensure prompt shipping and avoid delays.



All in all, firearms enthusiasts in California should be wary of this upcoming change which will certainly impact the wallets of those who purchase guns and ammo. Any time between now and the end of June is a good time to purchase the ammo and firearms you are after before the 11% excise tax is implemented. We here at True Shot Ammo have a wide variety of ammunition for sale which can be enjoyed by shooters of all types. We are also more than willing to ship to California, just be sure to have your FFL shipping address and other compliance related information ready to go. As always, happy shooting.


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  1. California and other states can’t control the purchase and obtaining firearms, so they install a tax or raise the price of the ammo and make it out of reach for abiding citizens. It is obvious that is how they make more money and control the gun the people with firearms.

    Power and greed

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