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What Is A Butterfly Knife?

What is a butterfly knife


Today, we’re focusing on a knife that brings flair to functionality — the Butterfly Knife, also known as the Balisong Knife. From its adaptability for both left-handed and right-handed users to the unique latch lock mechanism, let’s get into what makes this knife style so popular.


What is a Balisong (Butterfly) Knife?

The Balisong knife, commonly known as the Butterfly Knife, has a storied and somewhat disputed history that transcends continents and cultures. One prevalent theory suggests that the Balisong originated in the Philippines during the early 20th century, where it was initially used as a utility knife and later adapted for self-defense and martial arts. The term “Balisong” is believed to have been derived from two Tagalog words: “baling sungay,” which roughly translates to “broken horn,” as the original knives were often crafted from animal horns. However, some historical accounts claim that the design was influenced by 17th-century French “Pied Du Roi” folding knives.

Regardless of its origins, the Balisong knife has evolved into a symbol of skill and precision, celebrated not just in its native Philippines but also among knife enthusiasts worldwide. Its iconic flipping action and unique design have cemented its place as a classic piece of both utilitarian and collectible cutlery.


Butterfly Knife: Right or Left Handed?

Butterfly knives are one of those rare tools designed to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed individuals. It’s all about the art of the flip, folks. Whether you are a southpaw or go by the traditional right, the symmetrical design of the butterfly knife ensures that the flipping and folding experience is seamless. The grip, balance, and motion of the knife do not favor one hand over the other, making it a versatile choice for knife enthusiasts and practical users alike.


Do Butterfly Knives Have any Safety Features? 

When it comes to locking mechanisms, the butterfly knife employs a different type of lock than what is normally used. known as a “latch lock.” The latch is an essential part of the knife, ensuring safety when the knife is both open and closed. The latch swings freely and engages with the opposite handle to lock the blade securely. This simple but effective mechanism allows for quick deployment and secure storage, ideal for both seasoned flippers and newcomers alike.


Which Butterfly Knife Should I Buy?

Here at True Shot Ammo, we take pride in offering a curated selection of butterfly knives that meet our strict standards for quality, durability, and design. Our current range features exceptional pieces from Kershaw Knives:

Carbon Fiber/Titanium 4.70″ in Stonewash: This knife is the epitome of modern craftsmanship, featuring a carbon fiber and titanium handle that’s both lightweight and incredibly durable. The stonewash finish gives it a rugged yet sophisticated look.

Steel 4.60″ in Black Stonewash: Designed for those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, this knife combines a robust steel construction with a black stonewash finish, giving it both durability and an elegant, subdued appearance.

Steel 4.60″ in Silver Stonewash: This is a classic rendition of the traditional butterfly knife. Its steel construction ensures longevity, and the silver finish makes it a timeless addition to any knife collection.




Learning To Use A Butterfly Knife

Learning to use a Butterfly Knife, or Balisong, is an art form that combines dexterity, focus, and skill. For beginners, the journey often starts with a practice or “trainer” knife, which has a dull blade to ensure safety while mastering the basics. The learning process typically involves a series of foundational flipping and folding techniques, such as the basic opening and closing, the “fanning” move, and more complex manipulations like the “rollover” and “aerial.” Instructional videos, online forums, and dedicated Balisong communities provide valuable resources for learners at every level.

It’s crucial to practice consistently but also mindfully, paying close attention to hand positioning, grip, and timing. As with any skill, proficiency comes with time and dedication, but the satisfaction of seamlessly flipping a Balisong open or closed is a rewarding experience that makes the learning journey well worth the effort.


Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?

As with all knives and tools, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal landscape surrounding butterfly knives. Due to their unique opening mechanism and potential for concealed carry, these knives are subject to various laws depending on the jurisdiction.

In the United States, butterfly knives are illegal to own, carry, or sell in states such as Hawaii, New York, and Washington. Other states like California and Michigan have restrictions on blade lengths, often limiting them to less than 2 inches if you wish to carry them in public.

Always check your state’s laws and regulations before purchasing or carrying a butterfly knife. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and we at True Shot Ammo believe in responsible ownership above all else.


Kershaw – Lucha Balisong – Carbon Fiber/Titanium – Stonewash – CPM 20CV – 4.70″



The Butterfly Knife, or Balisong Knife, is a versatile and iconic tool that has captured the fascination of knife enthusiasts across the globe. From its debated origins in the Philippines or France to its unique latch lock mechanism and ambidextrous design, this knife is a masterful blend of form and function.

Whether you’re a seasoned flipper or a newcomer to the world of knives, the variety of choices we offer from Kershaw Knives ensures that there’s a Balisong to suit your style and needs. However, it’s essential to be aware of the legal landscape surrounding these knives; they are not legal to own or carry in all jurisdictions. So, before you dive into the world of flipping and folding, make sure you’re well-informed and responsible.

Here at True Shot Academy, we’re committed to fostering a community that appreciates the craftsmanship, history, and utility of exceptional knives. Stay sharp and stay tuned for more!

Stay sharp, and stay tuned for more exclusives from True Shot Academy!

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Always check the laws in your local jurisdiction before purchasing or carrying any knife.



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