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What is rise armament?

Rise Armament Triggers Blog Feature

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy want to talk about Rise Armament. The company is well-known for their trigger offerings and other AR-oriented products. The mission with this blog post is to provide a brief overview of the company while discussing their traits and offerings. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


What is Rise Armament?

Rise Armament is a company based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma which manufactures AR-type rifles and accessories. Founded in 2013, the company cut its teeth manufacturing components for aerospace and oil industries. The company introduced their first trigger in 2014 and has been producing and developing designs ever since. As far as firearms go, the company offers complete rifles, upper receivers, and major components.

Rise Armament Flat Trigger
Rise Armament Flat Trigger

Where are Rise Armament Products Made?

Every product bearing the Rise Armament name is manufactured and produced by the company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It is safe to say that Rise Armament products are made in America by Americans. Notably, the company was recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor due to their efforts to provide jobs to veterans.


What is a Drop-In Trigger?

The terms “drop-in” and “cassette style” can refer to the same type of trigger. Essentially, triggers of this type can easily be installed into an existing firearm without modifying the firearm. Hence, the “drop-in” term. These units are self-contained and must simply be placed into a lower receiver and retained with pins. It is in this way that they are unlike standard trigger components as one does not need to assemble a fire control group. The Rise Armament triggers only require the end user to utilize the anti-walk pins provided with the trigger. The end user does not need to do any assembly or turn any screws to install a Rise Armament trigger due to its drop-in style.


Rise Armament Trigger Offerings

The company offers a wide variety of drop in AR pattern triggers. These offerings cover a wide variety of use cases such as duty and competition use. Rise Armament triggers can be acquired for use in AR-10, AR-15, and pistol caliber carbine (PCC) use. The triggers are available in pull weights ranging from 3 lbs to 4.5 lbs. Rise Armament triggers can also be had in single stage and two stage form. One can also choose from traditional curved trigger profiles and more modern styles such as flat and skeletonized trigger shoes. Each trigger comes with a set of anti-walk trigger pins to ensure the trigger is solidly installed into the receiver. Triggers are also available in a variety of finishes and colors.


Who Are Rise Armament Triggers For?

Rise Armament triggers are appropriate for a wide variety of end users. The light and consistent trigger pull offered by those in the 3 lb and 3.5 lb range can be enjoyed by competition shooters looking to deliver fast and accurate hits on target. These same triggers can be enjoyed by those wanting to simply have lighter triggers for general plinking and target use. The heavier weight triggers in 4.5 lb weights are suitable for duty use as they require a bit more of a deliberate trigger pull while still being crisp and consistent. All end users will benefit from the built-in drop safety, distinct reset, and absence of take-up when pulling the trigger. At the end of the day, most end users can benefit from a Rise Armament trigger.

Rise Armament Curved Trigger
Rise Armament Curved Trigger

What Else Does Rise Armament Offer?

Beyond triggers, Rise Armament also offers complete firearms, upper receivers, and components. The complete firearms and upper receiver groups can be had in both AR-10 and AR-15 form. These rifles include the company’s Watchman and 1121XR offerings. Like their triggers, the rifles and complete upper receivers are available in different colorations and finishes. Components manufactured by Rise Armament include muzzle devices, hand stops, and bolt carrier groups (BCGs). At the end of the day, Rise Armament can set you up with firearms and components in addition to the wide array of triggers they make.



All in all, Rise Armament produces a wide variety of innovative and high-quality products. From triggers to rifles and other components, the company does it all. We here at True Shot carry some of the triggers offered by Rise Armament in addition to the other products we carry. Whether you are after a trigger of theirs or some ammunition, we have you covered. As always, happy shooting.


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