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Who is Mira Safety?

Mira Safety Feature

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy are going to talk about MIRA Safety today. The company is well-known for the wide variety of emergency-preparedness products that they offer. Our mission with this blog post is to provide a brief overview of the company while also delving into some of their product offerings and traits. So, let’s go over MIRA Safety and what they are all about.


About MIRA Safety

The Texas-based MIRA Safety is well-known for their various products in the realm of emergency-preparedness. The company produces everything from gas masks to Geiger counters with the goal of making these protective goods as accessible as possible. These products are marketed towards shooters, hardcore preppers, and the average citizen who wishes to be more prepared for a potential CBRN scenario. The company’s website also features a number of resources to educate customers on their product offerings and CBRN-related information. At the end of the day, the company is providing easy access to lifesaving equipment.


Where are MIRA Safety Products Made?

MIRA Safety products are manufactured in a number of places. Their gas mask offerings are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Some of the gas mask accessories, such as the PAPR and its accoutrements, are made in Israel. The company even has products such as their HAZ-SUIT which are manufactured in the United States. Essentially, MIRA Safety offers a variety of products produced in multiple countries.

CM-6M Gas Mask
CM-6M Gas Mask

MIRA Safety Gas Mask Offerings

The company most notably offers a number of gas masks. These gas mask offerings differ in their design and are optimized for different uses. MIRA Safety supports these gas masks with a variety of products such as filters, carrying bags, microphones, and maintenance kits to name a few. MIRA Safety also offers CBRN protection options intended for children, babies, and even pets like dogs.


While the company makes a number of gas mask products, these are their most recognizable and popular models:


  • CM-6M – This is a gas mask with a panoramic visor that provides the user with a wide field of view. In addition to being compatible with the wide range of accessories intended for other gas mask offerings, this mask can also be fitted with PROFILM visor protectors. These accessories allow a user to apply a film, in either tinted or clear form, to the visor of their mask. These films are also available in “tear off” variations which can be removed easily if they become dirty and fouled. This offering is MIRA Safety’s flagship gas mask as it represents a high value piece of protective equipment. If one wears prescription glasses, one will be able to utilize the company’s MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit with this mask to ensure their vision is clear.
  • CM-7M – This gas mask from MIRA Safety was designed in cooperation with the Czech Army. Reflective of its martial origins, the CM-7M mask is designed to be usable with rifles and specifically optical sights. Some gas masks are less than ideal for shooting due to things such as filter placement, mask geometry, or large visors. These factors can make it difficult to effectively build a cheekweld and acquire a sight picture when shouldering a rifle. Essentially, the lower profile dual-lens setup on this mask is more conducive to instinctive shooting than something with a general-purpose panoramic visor. The lower profile lenses and overall design also allow an end user to utilize night vision optics and a variety of helmet types. Like the CM-6M, this mask is also compatible with the MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit.
  • CM-8M – This offering from MIRA Safety essentially bridges the gap between the CM-6M and CM-7M gas masks. The mask offers a panoramic-style visor design which is purpose built to be compatible with optical devices and conducive to shooting. Like the CM-6M, this mask provides its wearer with a wide field of view. A CM-8M user will also be able to naturally shoulder and aim a long gun like the CM-7M mask. Unlike the CM-6M and CM-7M, this mask is not currently compatible with the MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit. This means that those needing corrective lenses must wear contacts or simply go with a mask which will allow them to utilize prescription lenses.


What If You Wear Glasses?

Typically, gas masks have not been friendly to those who require corrective lenses. MIRA Safety addresses this issue with their MIRAVISION Spectacle Kit service. Through the company’s MIRAVISION service, one can get prescription lens inserts made which can then be inserted into a compatible mask. Currently, the CM-6M and CM-7M gas masks are compatible with lenses made through this service. At the end of the day, this service allows people with poor vision to utilize gas masks. With this option from MIRA Safety, one will not have to choose between clear eyesight and protection.

CM-7M Gas Mask
CM-7M Gas Mask

Other Product Offerings from MIRA Safety

Besides their gas mask offerings, MIRA Safety also offers a variety of other products. Like their gas masks, a number of the company’s other products are also safety-oriented equipment. The company provides a wide array of products ranging from hazmat suits and clothing, Geiger counters, CBRN detection products, and more. The wide variety of safety products allow an end user to stock a wide variety of CBRN protection gear and enhance their overall preparedness.


Do Agencies and Other Entities Use MIRA Safety Products?

Protective products from MIRA Safety are utilized by a number of agencies and entities across the globe. Notable countries and users include:


  • United States of America – Department of Defense
  • Czech Republic – Ministry of Defense
  • Turkmenistan – Ministry of Interior
  • Turkey – Ministry of Interior
  • South Africa – Ministry of Interior
  • Romania – Ministry of Defense
  • Portugal – Ministry of Interior
  • Lithuania – Ministry of Interior
  • Latvia – Ministry of Interior
  • Ukraine – Ministry of Defense


These examples show that MIRA Safety products are trusted and utilized by professionals. Many of their products were designed for duty use and have been developed in cooperation relevant entities. For example, the Czech Army cooperated with MIRA Safety to help design their CM-7M gas mask. At the end of the day, a number MIRA Safety products are trusted and have been vetted by professional end users. If they are good enough for these types of users, they will be more than adequate for the prepared citizen.



At the end of the day, MIRA Safety provides an array of protective equipment intended for a variety of end users. Everyone from professionals to prepared citizens can utilize the potentially lifesaving equipment provided by the company. In addition to the wide variety of ammunition we carry, we also carry a number of MIRA Safety gas masks and filters. Regardless of whether you buy ammunition or a gas mask, we have got you covered. As always, happy shooting.


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