Why I Carry Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition as my Personal Defense Ammo

“Accurate, deadly, dependable,” was the company’s first slogan and J.W. Hornady summed-up his demanding performance specifications with the phrase, “10 bullets in the same hole”. Regardless of whether you’re a novice, or a seasoned shooter, chances are, you’ve run across the Hornady name in your searches for self-defense ammo – and for good reason.

If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you have seen the myriad of self defense ammo choices on the market today. I use Hornady 9mm +P “Critical Duty” ammo for personal defense, and here’s why…

  • FBI Tested and Selected – per their stringent tactical handgun tests
  • Flex Tip® design ensures reliability and impressive expansion, round-after-round
  • A jacket-to-core InterLock® band prevents the bullet and core from separating, allowing it to maintain its penetration performance vs. non-bonded bullets that falter in penetration tests
  • When the lead core and copper jacket of non-bonded bullets separate, the resulting lighter weight leads to a decrease in penetration power.
  • Capable of penetrating commonly encountered barriers outlined in FBI protocols (e.g. – sheet metal, plywood, heavy clothing, auto glass, etc.)
  • Even after penetrating the barriers, these nail-drivers will still plunge a remarkable 12” – 18” into gelatin molds!

Drop-by True Shot Ammo or visit us online at www.trueshotammo.com today and give Hornady Critical Duty the shot it deserves!


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