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Why you should have a multi-tool

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy are going to go over multi-tools. These versatile tools are widely available and can be used to accomplish many tasks. Our goal with this blog post is to go over what these types of tools are while delving into their traits and features. Without further ado, let’s make a case for multi-tools.


What is a Multitool?

Like the name suggests, multi-tools are implements which feature a wide range of tools. These implements can include tools such as traditional knife blades, pliers, screwdrivers, and files to name a few. The purpose of multi-tools is to incorporate as many tools into one unit as possible. This helps an end user save space and only have to carry a single tool as opposed to many.

Most multi-tools follow a similar design pattern – two folding arms and a pair of pliers in the middle. Each arm features a different set of tools and accoutrements. The folding arms can be extended to easily access tools or bits which may be stored into the nooks and crannies of the tool’s body. These arms can be used as handles to manipulate the pliers and apply clamping force. When not in use, these folding arms can be folded to conceal the pliers and reduce the overall size of the unit as a whole. Folded multi-tools tend to be slim and almost resemble a long rectangular shape, making them easily carried in a pocket or sheath.

Multi-tools can be found in small and large sizes, often with creative design methods being taken to fit as many useful tools as possible. Some designs are plainer and more utilitarian while others are sleek and feature unique geometry. The wide range of options on the market allow a prospective buyer to consider many options when selecting a multi-tool.

Leatherman MUT with URG-I
Leatherman MUT with URG-I

Who Makes Multitools?

Multi-tools are manufactured and offered by a wide variety of companies. Leatherman, Gerber, and SOG are among some of the most well-known producers of multitools. These companies are established manufacturers of cutlery and similar types of tools, so naturally they produce multi-tools. These companies offer many multi-tool product lines which encompass a variety of designs and sizes.


Specialized Options

Many of the companies who produce multitools manufacture products specialized for specific use cases. These specialized offerings will still function in a general-purpose role like a multi-tool should with the addition of specialized tools for different tasks. One will find multitools intended for use with firearms, bicycles, and general outdoors use.


Firearm Applications?

Multi-tools pair very well with firearms of all types. A shooter can utilize a multi-tool for tasks such as mounting and zeroing optics or installing components and accessories. The MUT from Leatherman is an example of a firearm-specific multi-tool as it features specialized tools for firearm use. While the MUT includes bit sizes commonly used on firearms, it also includes some unique features which are purpose built for specific firearms such as AR-15s. These tools include a bolt override tool, a bronze carbon scraper, a cleaning rod/brush adapter, and a disassembly punch.

Firearm-oriented multitools such as the MUT are well-suited for use with a wide variety of firearms while also being able to accomplish a variety of everyday tasks. While they are specifically designed to be viable for a given task, application, or hobby, these types of multi-tools do not lose their general effectiveness.


Everyday Applications?

Multi-tools excel at performing a wide variety of general purpose of everyday tasks. Need to cut some tape and open a box? A blade on a multi-tool can easily accomplish a variety of cutting tasks. Need to make use of some pliers? Some multi-tools will even feature onboard flashlights, allowing an end user to produce illumination on-demand. Most multi-tools will possess pliers which are appropriate for many tasks.

Many multi-tools will also include a pouch or sheath, making them easily worn on the belt. If one does not wish to carry on their belt, many multitools also possess clips which are great for retaining them in a pocket. Simply put, you will get more use out of a tool if it is accessible and easy to use.

Leatherman MUT
Leatherman MUT

Jack of All Trades – Master of None

While multi-tools excel in many use cases, they are certainly not an end-all-be-all solution. These versatile tools simply cannot replace specific and specialized tools. If you are needing a variety of screwdriver bits, a dedicated screwdriver set will be more up to the task. If you are needing to apply accurate and consistent levels of torque, a dedicated torque wrench is a better tool for the job.

It should be noted that one will potentially have access to their multi-tool in places and situations where they won’t have access to other tools. This is where the general-purpose nature of these tools truly shines. When you need a field-expedient tool to perform any number of tasks you may need to accomplish, you are better served by a multi-tool than a toolbox back home in your garage. It is best to consider multi-tools as an addition to one’s “arsenal” of tools.



All in all, multi-tools are an invaluable and versatile piece of equipment. These tools benefit users of all types and provide great utility and value for their size and form factor. While they do not replace conventional tools for all use cases, these types of tools are certainly useful and convenient to have on hand. Multi-tools, whether in firearm-specific configurations or not, are great tools to have with you at the range. Multi-tools are as welcome in a range bag as magazines and ammunition are. As always, happy shooting.


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