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Why You Should Invest in Tools

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy are going to be going over why you should invest in tools. While this subject may seem obvious or pedantic, it is worth discussing as many shooters possess guns and accessories with few tools to work on them. Our goal with this blog post is to go over why a shooter would benefit from the acquisition of tools. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Many Tasks Are Easily Accomplished with The Right Tools

Many new shooters will often take their firearms in to a gunsmith for small and easy tasks. If one has the proper tools, many of these tasks can be accomplished very easily in the field or at home. Something such as swapping a grip out on an AR-15 or mounting a red dot can easily be accomplished with a screwdriver set. Screwdriver sets with interchangeable bits paired with torque wrenches which utilize the same bits are particularly useful for firearm applications. Wheeler notably produces their Fat Wrench torque wrench products and a number of versatile screwdriver sets with numerous bits.

Many tools will also be useful for a variety of other tasks beyond the scope of firearms. The aforementioned Wheeler tools fall into this category along with the versatile offerings from Fix It Sticks. These tools and others like them can be used for firearms, bicycle maintenance, and everyday tasks to name a few. At the end of the day, tools are a worthwhile investment for anyone to have, shooter or not.

Fix It Sticks
Fix It Sticks

What Tools Should I Get?

One can buy as few or as many tools as they want. Tools can be general purpose or specialized in nature. These can range from screwdriver sets to purpose-built tools like AR-specific offerings and scope mounting equipment. A prospective buyer can be practical and only acquire tools for their immediate needs or acquire options that cover as many bases as possible.

You realistically only need the tools that fit your immediate and practical needs. If you don’t see yourself mounting your own scopes, you don’t need a scope leveling kit for example. If you see yourself installing handguards and muzzle devices, a Magpul Bev-Block or Geissele Reaction Rod. Some tools are also incredibly niche and specialized. If you invested in suppressors and install your own muzzle devices, it may be worth picking up an alignment rod. If you prefer to have a gunsmith handle it, you don’t need to purchase this tool.

At the end of the day, one can get by with a modest collection of general-purpose tools. They may choose to acquire more specific and unique tools if they need them, but these additional items may not be necessary.


Handy Tools in Practical Uses

Having tools with you in the field or at the range is always a good idea. A screwdriver set, torque wrench, or even a multi-tool will be beneficial to have on an outing. You are essentially making yourself more prepared to deal with any issues or needs which may arise in the field. For example, if you find that an M-LOK accessory or an optic mount is loosening, you can easily retighten the necessary screws to avoid an issue. More pressing issues which aren’t easily addressed in the field can be attended to at a workbench with the appropriate tools. By being able to diagnose and remedy issues you may encounter, you will be a more self-sufficient shooter and be better prepared for surprise maintenance work.


Independence and Self-Sufficiency

By owning your own tools, you exercise a degree of independence and self-sufficiency. By owning your own tools, you will be able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks yourself. You will not be as dependent on gunsmiths or others to do certain tasks. The wide availability of tools appropriate for firearm use lowers the barrier of entry when it comes to working on your own guns. Simply put, you won’t be at the mercy of fees, rates, and lead times if you can do it yourself. You will also save a bit of money and find that it is satisfying being able to work on your own guns.


Having Tools Does Not Mean You Know How to Use Them

Just like how having a gun does not make you an expert shooter, owning tools does not mean that you will know how to properly use them. One should ensure that they read the manual and literature that comes with their tools and whatever they are intending to work on. There are also a number of resources available online through sites like YouTube which help demonstrate how to do certain tasks. Often times, manufacturers, of firearms, accessories, and even tools will have videos showcasing the proper use and applications of their products. At the end of the day, you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman or tradesman to utilize these tools. A little bit of know-how goes a long way. One could easily take advantage of the resources available to them and properly maintain their firearms with the appropriate range of tools.

Leatherman MUT
Leatherman MUT

Gunsmiths Still Have a Place

While one may be able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks with common and purpose-built tools, gunsmiths still have a place. Many gunsmiths will have access to specialty equipment and machinery such as lathes and welding machines. Trained gunsmiths can help an end user rethread muzzles, machine clean shoulders on to barrels, and pin and weld muzzle devices just to name a few services. Gunsmiths with the right equipment and skill set are capable of fabricating parts and doing intricate and precise custom work. Essentially, while owning your own tools allows you to perform a great deal of tasks, it also should be known that some jobs are best left to gunsmiths with experience and specialized tools.


A Bit of an Investment Cost

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as free lunch. Obviously, acquiring tools of any kind will incur a cost. Depending on the tools you get, you can end up spending a decent bit of money. While this investment cost may seem steep and cut into a potential ammo fund, one will realize that they won’t be spending money on certain fees on services. If you can mount sights on your pistol yourself, you won’t need to go to a gunsmith and pay for them to do the job for you.

Generally, you only need to purchase a tool once, meaning that once you pay for it, its yours. Granted, tools wear and bits may wear out and need to be replaced, this is an inevitability of life. However, you will still save money doing it yourself and avoiding fees and work orders.



All in all, it pays to own a variety of tools. These tools will aid your self-sufficiency and allow you to perform various tasks yourself. We here at True Shot carry a modest supply of tools in addition to the wide variety of ammunition products we offer. As always, happy shooting.


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  1. The age of do-it-yourself! I am 100% on board with that. But, too many people expect knowhow to equal the skill needed with the knowhow. I am a do-it-yourself person who knows his limit! I was a carpenter for over 40 years and see people go to YouTube and watch a video and believe they can build a house. The same it true of most trades. Those in the trades not only aquire the tools needed but the skills needed to use those tools.

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