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Winchester and Lake City Army Ammunition: A Powerful Alliance in Ammo Manufacturing


Welcome back to True Shot Academy. In a development in the ammunition manufacturing sector, Winchester Ammo has fostered a partnership with the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. This union solidifies Winchester’s long-term commitment to crafting high-quality ammunition, designed to meet the rigorous demands of the modern Warfighter. While there are prevalent misconceptions about Lake City Ammo, this collaboration seeks to dispel these and establish a benchmark in quality ammunition production.


Demystifying Lake City Ammo

Lake City Ammo, synonymous with high quality and reliability, has been subject to various misunderstandings. Clearing the air, Lake City is not an independent brand but a government-owned contractor-operated facility, situated in Independence, Missouri. Currently, it’s under the proficient management of Winchester Ammunition, ensuring every box leaving the plant bears the mark Manufactured new by Winchester at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.


Quality and Reliability

Lake City Ammo stands out with its high-quality brass cases and Boxer primers, offering reloading options for shooters. The ammunition is a testament to reliability, showcasing solid ballistics, and being an economical choice for enthusiasts. Proudly manufactured in the United States, it adds another layer of trust and assurance for consumers.

Winchester / Lake City .223
Lake City (LC) Stamp On Casing

Pros and Cons

Lake City Ammo, while offering numerous benefits such as competitive pricing, reliability, and the option for reloading brass cases, does come with its set of limitations. The manufacturing plant, despite being one of the 12 small arms plants run by the Army and the largest of its kind globally, has a confined caliber selection. The U.S. Military being the primary consumer, results in restricted accessibility for civilians, and users have noted that the ammo can shoot a bit dirty.


A Glimpse into History

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, one of the renowned small arms plants run during World War II, was established in 1941 by Remington Arms with DuPont’s assistance. The plant has witnessed diverse management, including companies like Olin Corporation and Orbital ATK, and faced challenges such as being listed as a Superfund Site due to contamination. Despite hurdles, the plant has evolved, adopting modern technologies, and now boasts an annual production capacity exceeding 1.5 billion rounds.


Winchester’s Role

In 2020, the U.S. Army entrusted Winchester Ammunition with the operation and management of the Lake City Plant, marking a new chapter in small arms manufacturing. While Lake City Army Ammunition Plant contributes to Winchester Ammo production, their primary facility in Oxford, Mississippi, continues to focus on small centerfire rounds and rimfire ammunition.

Winchester 2
Winchester 5.56 55 Grain

Options at True Shot Ammo

We’re thrilled to announce to all our esteemed customers and ammunition enthusiasts that True Shot Ammo has now expanded its inventory! Keeping up with our promise of providing the best in the market, we’ve stocked up on the highly sought-after .223 and 5.56 ammunition from the Winchester/Lake City collaboration.



The alliance between Winchester Ammunition and Lake City Army Ammunition Plant marks a pivotal moment in the realm of small-caliber ammunition manufacturing. This long-term partnership aims to rectify misconceptions associated with Lake City Ammo and reinforces Winchester’s dedication to delivering top-tier, quality ammunition. The collaboration, despite some constraints, signifies continual progress and unwavering commitment to catering to both military and civilian shooting aficionados.


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  1. I would be leery of claims that Lake City brass is reloadable. I got some from a gun show and the primer pockets were too small too take a large rifle primer and even after expanding them it was tight. These were 30-06 casings.

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