Sierra – Outdoor Master – 9mm – 124 Grain – JHP

The Sierra Outdoor Master 9mm 124 Grain JHP is a high-quality ammunition designed for outdoor enthusiasts. With its jacketed hollow point design, it offers superior expansion and stopping power. This reliable and accurate round is perfect for self-defense and hunting applications, ensuring optimal performance in any outdoor scenario.

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0.592 lbs
3 × 2.5 × 1.5 in

Sierra is a renowned company specializing in the production of high-quality ammunition and firearms accessories. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Sierra has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

One of Sierra’s standout products is the Sierra – Outdoor Master – 9mm – 124 Grain – JHP ammunition. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and self-defense purposes, this ammunition offers exceptional performance and reliability. The 9mm caliber ensures optimal accuracy and stopping power, making it a popular choice among shooters.

The 124-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet design further enhances the effectiveness of this ammunition. The JHP bullet expands upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and transferring maximum energy to the target. This feature is particularly crucial for self-defense situations, where quick incapacitation is essential.

Sierra’s Outdoor Master line is known for its consistent performance and superior quality. Each round is meticulously crafted using top-grade components and advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures reliable feeding, consistent velocities, and tight groupings, making it a preferred choice for both professional shooters and recreational enthusiasts.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, or a responsible citizen concerned about personal safety, Sierra’s Outdoor Master – 9mm – 124 Grain – JHP ammunition is a reliable and effective choice. Trust Sierra to deliver the performance and precision you need in every shot.

Questions and answers of the customers

    Bought 9mm 124Gr jhp ammo from Tru Shot Ammo. The bullet was made by Sierra and the case by Pilgrim. Can you supply FPS and Energy numbers?
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    Q Bought 9mm 124Gr jhp ammo from Tru Shot Ammo. The bullet was made by Sierra and the case by Pilgr...... Read more answer now

    Muzzle velocity - 1090 FPS 

    Muzzle Energy - 327 Ft Lbs

  2. Is this Sierra, Outdoor Master, 124 grain, JHP, 9mm considered a quality 'clean burning' round? I've had no experience with Sierra brand generally at all. Appreciate any thoughts or experience others may have had with it. thanks, Don
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    Q Is this Sierra, Outdoor Master, 124 grain, JHP, 9mm considered a quality 'clean burning' round? I...... Read more answer now

    Sierra Bullets is a well-known American ammunition and bullet manufacturing company with a rich history dating back to 1947. Based in Sedalia, Missouri, the company is renowned for producing high-quality bullets used in a wide range of shooting disciplines, including competitive shooting, hunting, and military applications. Sierra Bullets has earned a strong reputation for its precision manufacturing processes and commitment to delivering consistent, accurate, and reliable bullets for firearms enthusiasts and professionals. Their products are favored by shooters for their consistency and performance, making Sierra Bullets a respected name in the ammunition industry.


    Sierra 9mm 124gr (JHP) bullets are considered excellent for personal defense for several reasons:

    1. Reliability: Sierra is known for its precision manufacturing, which ensures consistency in bullet weight, dimensions, and performance. This reliability is crucial for self-defense situations where every shot must count.

    2. Expansion: JHP bullets are designed to expand upon impact with a target. Sierra's JHP bullets are engineered to create controlled expansion, which can transfer more energy to the target and create larger wound channels, improving stopping power.

    3. Consistent Performance: Sierra's reputation for producing consistent ammunition translates into reliable performance. Knowing how your ammunition will perform in a high-stress self-defense situation is crucial.

    4. Accuracy: Sierra's commitment to precision ensures that these bullets are accurate and predictable, which is vital for self-defense, where shot placement is critical.

    5. Terminal Ballistics: Sierra's JHP bullets are designed to penetrate to an ideal depth, typically stopping inside the target, minimizing the risk of over-penetration, which could endanger bystanders.

    6. Quality Control: Sierra is known for stringent quality control measures during the manufacturing process, reducing the likelihood of defects in their bullets.

    While Sierra may not be as prominent in the handgun ammunition market as some other brands, their reputation for precision and quality can make their 9mm JHP bullets a reliable choice for those seeking dependable self-defense ammunition. However, it's essential to test any ammunition in your specific firearm to ensure reliable feeding and accuracy.