Armscor – 300 Blackout – 220 Grain – HPBT


Experience superior performance with Armscor’s 300 Blackout 220 Grain HPBT. This high-quality ammunition offers exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for precision shooting. Its heavy, hollow point boat tail design ensures maximum impact. Trust Armscor for reliable, consistent shooting in any condition.

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Armscor is a globally recognized and respected firearms manufacturer that has been delivering innovative, quality products for over a century. Founded in the Philippines in 1905, Armscor has grown into a company with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. Armscor is renowned for its high standards of craftsmanship and commitment to improving shooting experiences for gun enthusiasts. One of their standout products is the Armscor – 300 Blackout – 220 Grain – HPBT. This ammunition is designed for superior performance and accuracy, making it a favorite among shooters. The 300 Blackout features a 220-grain hollow point boat tail (HPBT) design, which ensures a stable, aerodynamic flight path for improved accuracy. Armscor’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every round of the 300 Blackout – 220 Grain – HPBT, making it a reliable choice for any shooting activity. Armscor continues to push the boundaries of firearms and ammunition technology, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Questions and answers of the customers

    At 50 yards what will the the energy level of the bullety
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    Q At 50 yards what will the the energy level of the bullety answer now

    Thank you for providing the muzzle velocity of the Armscor 300 Blackout 220gr HPBT. With a muzzle velocity of 1050 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 504 ft-lbs.

    To calculate the bullet's energy at 50 yards, we would ideally need to know how the velocity decreases over this distance. Unfortunately, without specific ballistic data or a ballistic coefficient, it's challenging to provide an exact figure for the velocity at 50 yards.

    However, generally speaking, the 300 Blackout, especially with a heavier 220gr bullet, is known for relatively modest velocity reduction over short distances like 50 yards. Assuming a conservative estimate of a 5-10% velocity reduction (which could vary based on environmental factors and the specific firearm used), the velocity might be around 945 to 997 feet per second at 50 yards.

    Using the energy formula:

    Energy (ft-lbs)=Bullet Weight (in grains)×Velocity (in feet per second)2450240

    And taking the average estimated velocity of 971 fps (the midpoint of 945 and 997 fps), the energy at 50 yards would be approximately:

    Energy (ft-lbs)=220×9712450240

    Calculating this gives an energy of about 470 ft-lbs at 50 yards. This is a rough estimate and the actual energy can be higher or lower based on various factors.

    For more precise information, you might consider reaching out to Armscor directly, or using ballistic software that can take into account the specific ballistic coefficient of the bullet. Additionally, for further assistance or questions, feel free to contact us at (888) 736-6587 or via email at [email protected].

  2. What is the velocity? Subsonic?
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    Q What is the velocity? Subsonic? answer now


    Thank you for your inquiry about the Armscor 300 Blackout 220 Grain HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail) ammunition. Yes, this particular Armscor 300 Blackout round with a 220-grain HPBT is designed to be subsonic.

    Subsonic ammunition is characterized by a velocity that is below the speed of sound, which is approximately 1,125 feet per second (fps) at sea level under normal conditions. The Armscor 300 Blackout 220 Grain HPBT typically has a muzzle velocity that is less than this threshold, ensuring that it remains subsonic. This feature is particularly beneficial for shooters who use suppressors, as it reduces the sound signature even further.

    For the most precise and up-to-date information about the muzzle velocity of this specific round, I recommend checking the product specifications or contacting our customer service team. They can provide you with the latest details and assist with any other questions you might have.

    Feel free to contact us at (888) 736-6587 or email at [email protected] for further assistance.

    Best regards, True Shot Ammo