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Does Remington Produce Good Ammunition?

Country of Origin – United States

Founded – 1816

Headquarters – Madison, North Carolina

Website –


Origins of Remington Ammunition


Remington Ammunition has a rich history that dates back over two centuries. Remington Arms Company, the parent company of Remington Ammunition, was founded by Eliphalet Remington in 1816. Eliphalet, a young blacksmith from New York, had a vision of creating superior firearms. He designed and built his own flintlock rifle, which received positive feedback, leading him to establish a manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York. Initially, Remington focused on producing rifles and muskets, but ammunition production would soon become an integral part of the company’s offerings.

In the early years, Remington primarily focused on manufacturing firearms, but they recognized the importance of producing their own ammunition. In 1867, the company established its own ammunition plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to ensure a reliable supply of cartridges for their firearms. This marked Remington’s entry into the ammunition industry.

Remington Ammunition expanded its operations and product lines over the years. They introduced the Remington-UMC brand in 1911, which combined Remington’s expertise in firearms and ammunition. This allowed Remington to offer a comprehensive range of products for shooters and hunters.

The company continued to innovate and develop new cartridge designs. In 1912, they introduced the .17 Remington, a small-caliber centerfire rifle cartridge, which became popular for varmint hunting. Throughout the 20th century, Remington introduced numerous iconic ammunition cartridges, including the .222 Remington, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .280 Remington, .30-06 Springfield, and the .308 Winchester.

Remington played a vital role during both World Wars. During World War I, the company produced Mosin-Nagant rifles for the Russian government, as well as Enfield rifles for the British. They also manufactured ammunition for military use. In World War II, Remington manufactured large quantities of firearms, including the M1903A3 Springfield rifle and M1 Garand rifle. They also produced significant amounts of ammunition to support the war effort.

Remington Ammunition continued to innovate and expand its product offerings in the post-war era. In 1962, Remington introduced the .7mm Remington Magnum cartridge, which quickly gained popularity among hunters and shooters.

Over the years, Remington Arms Company went through various ownership changes. In 2007, the Freedom Group, now known as Remington Outdoor Company, acquired Remington Arms Company and its subsidiaries, including Remington Ammunition. The company faced financial challenges and filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

In 2020, Vista Outdoor, a leading outdoor sports and recreation company, acquired certain assets of Remington Outdoor Company, including the ammunition business. Remington Ammunition continues to operate as a respected and well-known brand, offering a wide range of ammunition for hunting, shooting sports, and self-defense purposes.


Where is Remington Ammo Made?


Remington Ammunition has several manufacturing facilities located in the United States.

Lonoke, Arkansas: The Lonoke facility is one of Remington’s primary manufacturing sites. It is a large-scale production facility that produces a wide range of ammunition for various calibers and purposes. This facility has a long history of ammunition manufacturing and has been in operation for many decades.

Huntsville, Alabama: In 2014, Remington opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Huntsville. The Huntsville facility was established to expand Remington’s production capacity and support its ammunition business. The facility is known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities and technological innovations.

Lenoir City, Tennessee: Remington operates a plant in Lenoir City, which is primarily focused on producing rimfire ammunition. Rimfire cartridges, such as .22 LR, are widely used for small game hunting, plinking, and target shooting.


Who Owns Remington Ammunition?


In September 2021, Remington Ammunition was bought by Vista Outdoor Inc. In September 2020, Vista Outdoor acquired certain assets of Remington Outdoor Company, including its ammunition business, in a bankruptcy auction. Vista Outdoor is a leading global provider of outdoor sports and recreation products, including ammunition, firearms, outdoor accessories, and other related products. However, please note that ownership structures can change over time, so it’s advisable to verify the current ownership details from reliable sources.


Is Remington Ammo Clean or Dirty?


Remington is generally considered to be clean ammunition. Remington, like many reputable ammunition manufacturers, prioritizes quality control and strives to produce clean and reliable ammunition. They use high-quality components, consistent powder formulations, and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that their ammunition burns cleanly and efficiently.

Clean ammunition typically features carefully formulated propellants that burn efficiently, leaving minimal residue behind. This helps reduce fouling in the barrel, chamber, and other firearm components. Additionally, the design of the bullet itself can also contribute to cleanliness. Some bullet coatings or jacket materials are specifically engineered to minimize fouling and lead deposition in the barrel.

It’s important to note that even with clean ammunition, some residue and fouling can still accumulate over time with regular use. Regular firearm cleaning and maintenance are always recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Remington Ammunition Line-Up


Remington Ammunition offers a diverse product lineup covering various calibers and applications. While the specific offerings may evolve over time, below are some examples of the product categories and cartridges typically available from Remington Ammunition:


Rifle Ammunition

Remington produces rifle ammunition for a wide range of calibers, including popular choices like .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .270 Winchester within their Core-Lockt series. They offer different bullet types, such as full metal jacket (FMJ), hollow point (HP), soft point (SP), and ballistic tip bullets, to cater to different shooting purposes and game types.

Handgun Ammunition

Remington manufactures handgun ammunition for various calibers used in pistols and revolvers. This includes popular calibers like 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .380 ACP, and others. The ammunition is designed for self-defense, target shooting, and law enforcement applications. These calibers fall into their Golden Saber ammo line up.

Rimfire Ammunition

Remington produces rimfire ammunition, primarily for the .22 LR (Long Rifle) caliber. Rimfire ammunition is commonly used for small game hunting, plinking, target shooting, and firearms training. They have a variety of rimfire 22 LR product categories. For example, their Cyclone & Viper series (small game), Thunderbolt series (lead round nose) and Golden Bullet series (brass plated hollow point).

Remington 22 LR Thunderbolt
Remington 22 LR Thunderbolt

Shotgun Ammunition

Remington offers a wide range of shotgun ammunition for different gauges, including 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. They provide shotgun shells for various purposes, such as hunting, clay target shooting, home defense, and competition shooting. Remington shotshells come in different configurations, including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs.

Shotgun Ammunition

Remington offers a wide range of shotgun ammunition for different gauges, including 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. They provide shotgun shells for various purposes, such as hunting, clay target shooting, home defense, and competition shooting. Remington shotshells come in different configurations, including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs.

Remington 12 Gauge #8 Shot
Remington 12 Gauge #8 Shot

Specialty Ammunition

Remington also offers specialty ammunition for specific applications, such as reduced recoil loads, subsonic loads, and high-performance loads optimized for precision shooting or long-range hunting.


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Is Remington Ammunition Any Good?


Remington Ammunition’s performance is generally considered to be reliable and satisfactory by many shooters and hunters. Compared to other ammunition companies, Remington has a long-standing reputation as a reputable and established brand in the firearms and ammunition industry. They have a history of producing ammunition that meets the needs of shooters and hunters across various disciplines.

With their innovative history of developing new calibers, their reputation proceeds them when it comes to performance and reliability. The calibers that has came out of Remington has revolutionized the ammo industry and will continue to do so.

For decades, Remington Arms incorporated ballistic innovation into each round it produces. The Remington brand is well known for its accuracy as well. All Remington cartridges are assembled from high quality components and quality control check processes are in place to ensure strict product standards.

I have shot Remingtons ammo for some years now and haven’t had any problems of my own. They continue to produce ammo that I can rely on every time I pick some up to go plinking. Give Remington a try next time you visit your local shooting range, odds are they probably have their ammo in stock!


Should I Buy Remington Ammunition?


Remington Ammunition has a long history and a reputation for producing reliable and widely-used ammunition. They have been a prominent name in the ammunition industry for many years, and their products have been trusted by shooters, hunters, and law enforcement professionals.

Remington offers a wide range of calibers and bullet types to suit different shooting disciplines, hunting applications, and self-defense needs. Their extensive product line ensures that shooters can find ammunition suitable for their specific firearms and shooting requirements. Additionally, Remington ammunition is widely available in many retail stores, making it easily accessible for customers.

Remington has a track record of innovation and introducing new cartridge designs to the market. They have developed iconic cartridges that have become industry standards, such as the .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester. This commitment to innovation and advancement in ammunition technology appeals to shooters looking for high-quality and cutting-edge products.

Remington Ammunition continues to operate as a respected and well-known brand in the ammo industry. With many companies having draw backs, Remington is always striving to produce high quality ammo for every category. Remington has been in the game since 1816 and will continue to be prominent in the ammo industry.


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