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44 Special Ammo

44 Special Ammunition

Dive into the versatile world of 44 Special Ammo, a caliber with roots going back to 1907. Designed as an improved version of the older .44 Russian, this ammo has stood the test of time. Today, it enjoys a cult following among shooting enthusiasts who appreciate its accuracy and moderate recoil. In our selection of 44 Special Ammo for sale, you'll find an array of projectile types. From Lead Round Nose (LRN) for plinking to Hollow Point (HP) for self-defense, we offer options to suit every need. Each projectile type has distinct benefits, so make sure to pick the one that aligns with your shooting goals. Looking for trusted brands? We've got you covered. Our inventory includes industry leaders like Remington, Hornady, and Federal. These brands offer .44 Special Ammo that consistently delivers in quality and performance. What are the best uses for this Ammo? Though often overshadowed by its powerful cousin, the .44 Magnum, the 44 Special excels in self-defense and target shooting. Its manageable recoil makes it easier to shoot accurately, especially for those new to larger calibers. In terms of range, this ammo performs best at distances up to 50 yards, offering a balance of power and precision. In summary, the 44 Special Ammo offers versatility that few rounds can match. Whether you're in for target practice or self-defense, you'll find a variety of 44 Special Ammo for sale on our website. With options from top brands and multiple projectile types, we have the ideal round for any shooter.