Wolf 300 Blackout 145 Grain Ammunition Review

The long awaited Wolf Ammunition 300 blackout is finally here! We tested out the 145 grain Full Metal Jacket ammunition through our full auto short barreled rifle, and suppressed through a Sig MCX. This new steel ammo ran flawlessly through all three tests with one caveat, we had to use 300 blackout magazines. When we shot through Magpul Pmags chambered in 556 the product hung up and would jam. But we were able to determine that this was 100% a magazine issue, not an ammunition issue. We have confirmed that Wolf is coming out with 200 grain subsonic that should be available in mid-2020. All in all, we loved this ammo and think it will change the 300 blackout market as it will make shooting so much cheaper than brass! Check out the full review below:

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