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#0 Buck vs #00 Buck Ammo

Choosing the right type of shotgun ammunition can be a daunting task, especially when faced with options that appear similar but offer different advantages. Two such types are #0 Buck and #00 Buck ammo. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down their histories, differences, similarities, ballistics, and best uses, helping you make an educated decision.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding #0 Buck and #00 Buck
  2. The Histories of #0 Buck and #00 Buck
  3. Differences and Similarities
  4. Ballistics Comparison
  5. Best Uses for Each Type
  6. Additional Considerations
  7. Conclusion

Understanding #0 Buck and #00 Buck

What is #0 Buck?

#0 Buck ammo consists of lead or steel pellets that are approximately .32 inches in diameter. They offer a mid-range pellet count with decent stopping power.

What is #00 Buck?

#00 Buck pellets are slightly larger, typically measuring around .33 inches in diameter. This ammo type is more common and provides more knockdown power at the expense of pellet count.

The Histories of #0 Buck and #00 Buck

Origin of #0 Buck

#0 Buck has its origins in deer hunting, where the need for a mid-range pellet size with respectable stopping power was apparent.

Origin of #00 Buck

#00 Buck gained immense popularity with law enforcement agencies for its superior stopping power, eventually becoming a go-to choice for home defense as well.

Differences and Similarities

Pellet Size

The most evident difference is the pellet size, with #00 Buck being slightly larger.

Pellet Count

#0 Buck shells usually contain more pellets compared to #00 Buck, offering a higher hit probability.

Effective Range

Both types have similar effective ranges, often up to 50 yards, depending on the shotgun and environmental conditions.

Ballistics Comparison

Muzzle Velocity

Both #0 and #00 Buck usually have a muzzle velocity between 1,100 and 1,300 feet per second.


#00 Buck generally provides deeper penetration due to its larger pellet size.

Shot Spread

Both types have a comparable shot spread, but the #0 Buck has a slightly higher pellet count, increasing the odds of hitting a moving target.

Best Uses for Each Type

#0 Buck for Hunting

#0 Buck is a solid choice for hunting medium-sized game where you need a balance between pellet count and stopping power.

#00 Buck for Home Defense

#00 Buck is favored for home defense and law enforcement due to its superior knockdown power.

Additional Considerations

Cost Factor

Both types are usually priced similarly, although #00 Buck is more readily available due to its popularity.

Ethical Hunting Considerations

For ethical kills, understanding the ballistics and limitations of your chosen ammo is crucial.

Legal Restrictions

Check local regulations regarding the use of lead or steel shot for hunting in your area.


Both #0 Buck and #00 Buck have their merits depending on the intended use. While #0 Buck offers a balanced approach for hunting, #00 Buck provides more stopping power, making it ideal for home defense and law enforcement situations. By understanding their distinct features, ballistics, and effective ranges, you can make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs.

So, whether you’re a home defender or an avid hunter, understanding the nuances between #0 Buck and #00 Buck is crucial for your shooting success. Choose wisely!

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