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About OKC Knives

The Ultimate Guide to OKC Knives: History, Top Products, and What Sets Them Apart

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide about Ontario Knife Company, better known as OKC Knives. Whether you’re an avid collector, an outdoorsman, or someone who just appreciates a good blade, this post is your go-to resource for everything OKC. Dive in to learn about OKC’s rich history, their best-selling products, and why they are a dominant force in the knife and cutting tools industry.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The History of OKC Knives
  3. Top OKC Products You Should Know
  4. What Makes OKC Unique?
  5. OKC Knives for Various Uses
  6. Conclusion


In a world teeming with brands offering pocket knives, fixed blades, and other edged tools, OKC Knives stands as a venerable institution. Known for their durable designs, quality craftsmanship, and versatile product range, OKC is a name that resonates deeply within the knife community.

The History of OKC Knives

Ontario Knife Company was founded in 1889 in Naples, New York, making it one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States. The company has a rich legacy, including providing military knives for the U.S. Armed Forces. OKC is well-regarded for producing high-quality, American-made knives and tools that have stood the test of time. Over the decades, their offerings have expanded to include not only knives but also kitchenware, and survival gear.

Top OKC Products You Should Know

OKC Rat Series

The RAT series is highly popular for its versatility and durability, making it a go-to choice for survivalists and outdoor adventurers.

OKC Spec Plus Alpha Series

Designed for tactical and military applications, this series features robust blades and handles made with high-grade materials.

OKC Old Hickory Kitchen Knives

Old Hickory is OKC’s classic line of kitchen knives that are beloved by chefs for their build quality and cutting prowess.

OKC Air Force Survival Knife

This knife has been a standard-issue survival knife for the U.S. Air Force, earning its reputation for durability and effectiveness.

OKC Machetes

When it comes to clearing brush or survival in a jungle environment, OKC’s line of machetes is the industry standard.

What Makes OKC Unique?

  • Made in the USA: Almost all OKC knives are American-made, ensuring top-notch quality and supporting local labor.
  • Diverse Range: OKC’s catalog includes everything from pocket knives and kitchen cutlery to machetes and industrial tools.
  • Military Heritage: Their longstanding relationship with the U.S. military offers a testament to the quality and durability of their products.

OKC Knives for Various Uses

Whether you need a reliable knife for hunting, camping, or everyday carry, OKC has something to offer. Their extensive range also includes specialized blades for professionals in law enforcement, military, and rescue services.

Conclusion: Your Go-To Brand for All Things Sharp

From its 130+ years of history to its role as a supplier for the U.S. military, OKC Knives has established itself as a trusted name in the knife industry. With a broad and versatile range of products, the brand has proven its commitment to quality and innovation. When you invest in an OKC knife, you’re not just buying a tool; you’re becoming a part of a legacy.

So, don’t miss out; explore the world of OKC Knives and find your perfect blade today!

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