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Best Ammo for Glock 43x


If you’re a proud owner of a Glock 43x or planning to be one soon, choosing the right ammunition can be a daunting task. After all, a gun is only as reliable as the bullets it fires. But with the myriad of 9mm Luger options available, how do you make the right choice? Fear not; we’ve got you covered in this detailed guide!


The Glock 43x: A Brief Dive into Its Legacy

Glocks, since their inception in 1988, have been a benchmark in the world of handguns. The evolution of Glocks, especially in the 9mm category, is an interesting one.

While models like the Glock 19 and 26 were preferred choices for many due to their double-stack magazines, the demand for a slimmer, more concealable option led to the introduction of models like the Glock 42. The Glock 43, introduced in 2015, became an instant favorite with its 6+1 magazine capacity and ease of concealment.

Fast forward to 2019, the Glock 43x was unveiled, expertly blending the Glock 48 frame with the Glock 43’s barrel, enhancing capacity while retaining easy concealment. With options like the MOS configuration and an extensive range of aftermarket customization, the Glock 43x has undoubtedly carved its niche.


Decoding the Bullet Types: 9mm FMJ vs HP

When it comes to bullets, understanding the basic differences is crucial:

  1. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): Often a choice for range practice, FMJ bullets consist of a lead core encapsulated by a metallic outer layer, typically copper. Their structure makes them cost-effective for regular shooting. However, they’re less ideal for self-defense due to their propensity to overpenetrate targets.
  2. Hollow Point (HP): Designed for self-defense, these bullets come with a ‘hollow’ at the tip, enabling them to expand on impact. This expansion ensures greater kinetic energy transfer and reduced risk of overpenetration, making them the preferred choice for personal protection.

While HPs are excellent for defense, they generally come with a higher price tag than FMJs.

Federal LE 9mm 124gr HST

Grain Weight: The Balancing Act for the Glock 43x

The grain weight of a bullet can influence its performance, especially in compact guns like the Glock 43x. Understanding the optimal grain weight for Glock 43x is crucial, as it affects recoil management and bullet velocity. Typically, mid-range grain weights provide a balance between performance and manageable recoil for most Glock 43x users.

Typically, 9x19mm ammo is available in weights ranging from 115 gr to 147 gr. For general target practice, the 115 gr FMJ is popular due to cost-effectiveness. However, for concealed carry, the slightly heavier 124 gr bullet is often favored for its enhanced kinetic energy and balanced recoil. For those seeking unique specifications, there are bullets ranging from 65 grains to 150 grains.


Pros and Cons of Glock 43x Ammo Choices

While the Glock 43x is praised for its adaptability to various 9mm rounds, each ammo type brings its set of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Versatility: The Glock 43x is compatible with a wide range of 9mm ammo, from hollow points to FMJs.
  • Performance: When paired with top 9mm ammunition, gun owners can expect unparalleled accuracy and power.


  • Cost: Premium ammo, while offering enhanced performance, may come at a steeper price.
  • Availability: During ammo shortages, 9mm might be harder to find.
Popular 9mm Options

Material Considerations: Brass vs. Steel

The debate over Glock 43x 9mm ammo case materials usually circles around brass and steel.

  • Brass Cased Ammo: Known for its consistent performance, it’s the go-to choice for many gun enthusiasts. They offer better feeding and are less abrasive on the gun’s chamber.
  • Steel Cased Ammo: Generally more affordable, steel-cased ammo is an alternative for those looking to save on costs. However, they might not offer the same level of performance and could be harsher on the firearm.



Choosing the right ammunition for the Glock 43x is more than just picking a bullet – it’s about unlocking the firearm’s full potential. Whether you prioritize defense ammo or target rounds, understanding the nuances of each bullet type, grain weight, and material can elevate your shooting experience. Join us in future articles as we delve deeper into ballistics, offering insights to empower every gun owner.

Remember, always practice safe gun handling and regularly maintain your firearm for optimum performance.

Stay informed, stay safe, and happy shooting!


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2 Responses

  1. In regards to this article about ammo for the 43x, can you provide some input on the use of the + variants? I have a G43 with TTI magazine extensions and I currently have Hornaby (I believe) 124gr jhp loaded in it. I’d like to make sure I’m not killing G43 with higher pressure ammo.

    1. Hello Adam,

      Thank you for your comment and for bringing up an excellent question about the use of +P variants in ammunition for the Glock 43 and 43X. Your concern about high-pressure ammunition is valid and worth exploring.

      The “+P” designation indicates that the ammunition is loaded to a higher internal pressure than standard rounds, which results in increased velocity and potentially better performance. However, this also means increased stress on your firearm.

      Glock 43 and +P Ammo
      The Glock 43 is generally considered to be +P capable, but as always, it’s crucial to consult your firearm’s manual or manufacturer for the final word on this. Continuous use of +P ammo may accelerate wear and tear on your firearm and could decrease its lifespan.

      Regular Maintenance: Keep your Glock well-maintained and inspect it regularly for signs of excessive wear.
      Practice Rounds: You may consider using standard pressure ammo for practice and keeping the +P rounds for self-defense scenarios to reduce the wear and tear.

      We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have further questions or would like us to delve deeper into this topic, please let us know!

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