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How to Ship Ammo to Family & Friends

We all know shipping can be a hassle in general, but with shipping ammo, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble if you don’t know or follow the correct rules. Before packing up that package of brass, let’s go over the steps to avoid the penalties.


The first step is to look into your local state laws for shipping ammo. There are a couple of states that require specific certifications to ship any ammo. Below are the states that require either an FFL, FOID Card, CT Permit, LTC or FID Card.


-FFL (Federal Firearms License)

California /New York

FOID Card (Firearms Owners Identification Card)


LTC (License to Carry)


FID Card (Firearms Identification Card)

New Jersey

CT Card (Carry Permit and ID)



Once you have complied to your state’s laws and have chosen the proper packaging materials, you must have a Limited Quantity label to attach to the outside of your package. This label will read ORM-D. The label is down below for reference:




ORM-D Label
ORM-D (Limited Quantity) Label



After you have your packaging squared away, you either need to choose UPS or FEDEX to ship your ammo. You cannot ship ammo with USPS. If you do, you will be arrested, ammo will be taken, charged with a fine starting at $10k and will be charged with a felony. Obviously, this is not worth the risk. Lets go through the steps for UPS and FedEx.


Shipping Ammo UPS

  • You must go to a shipping center and not a typical UPS store. The shipping center will check your shipment in. These places are called UPS Customer Centers and will be found inside the facility. You can also use a UPS Scheduled Pickup Account if you have one.
  • Your shipment must weigh less than 66 pounds.
  • The shipment can only be sent via UPS Ground.
  • You must place a specific shipping label on the outside of your package that identifies what is inside. The label should read ORM-D and have a valid date.
  • You cannot ship ammo internationally.

Shipping Ammo FedEx

  • You must arrange a specific date and time for picking up or dropping off ammo at a shipping hub.
  • Rifle ammunition must be 50 caliber or smaller.
  • Your shipment must weigh less than 66 pounds.

If you have a FedEx account, the process becomes simpler. You may receive shipping supplies at no charge or be offered discounted rates. You will be able to easily track your shipment with emailed updates. And you will also be able to take advantage of the convenience provided by automatic payment.




Our Recommendation

At the end of the day, our recommendation is for you to be safe and make sure you are following every regulation Closely. Before shipping your ammunition, make an account with a carrier that will consistently make your shipment convenient and easy. Do your due diligence and double check everything before going to your carrier.



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