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PPU Ammunition

Is Prvi Partizan a Good Ammunition Company?

Country of Origin – Serbia

Founded – 19328

Headquarters – Uzice, Serbia

Website –


Origins of PPU Ammunition


PPU (Privy Partizan) has been one of the oldest ammunition manufacturers in Europe. It all began with a gentleman named Jakob Posinger. Jakob started a private workshop in the heart of Yugoslavia. For the first couple of years in operation, the workshop was operated out of the Stevan Nemanja military barracks in Krcagovo producing hunting rifle and pistol ammunition. In early 1935, some land was given to Jakob Posinger near the town of Uzice, Serbia. This is where the new factory of Prvi Partizan started. this eventually would end up being the first private arms and ammunition factory built in the Balkans. During this time, the factory was under the name “Factory of Arms and Ammunition in Uzice” (FOMU).

FOMU became very popular while producing featured calibers 9mm, 7mm 12mm etc. and eventually began producing single and doubled barrels shotgun rounds in 12, 16 and 20 gauge. Unfortunately, the manufacturing plant was heavily damaged during World War II.

In late September of 1941 the town of Uzice was liberated and many local businesses began to operate under the control of the Partisan military authorities. FOMU continued to manufacture arms and ammunition despite the changes. All of this came to a holt in late September when the FOMU plant exploded due to sabotage. This explosion caused over 120 deaths and was forced to close. After each struggle during World War II, the brand survived and operations started back up in 1944. The company restored the old factory on the original land in the town of Uzice. Eventually, the factory became state owned in 1947 and renamed the company to Prvi Partizan Fabrika, or Prvi partizan factory. The company became abbreviated and widely known as PPU based on the head stamp on the cartridges. In 1970, PPU made great ground by upgrading the current structure and added many more additions to the infrastructure to increase productivity and capacity.


PPU Ammunition Line-Up


Throughout time, PPU has established themselves as one of most reliable ammunitions manufacturing company in Europe. From the beginning, PPU only manufactured mostly handgun ammo and has progressed and diversified in many other calibers. Down below is break down of their ammunition line-up:


Rangemaster Ammo Series 

The Rangmaster series uses only the highest grade materials for each caliber. This line-up is used for performance and accuracy. These calibers are ensured for precision performance in accordance with military specifications. The Rangemaster series comes in the follow calibers: 5.56x45mm, and 7.62×51, 50 BMG and 9x19mm.


Defense Ammunition Series

PPU’s new defense line-up is manufactured with innovative proprietary jacketed bullets that maximize stopping power by providing improved expansion and maintaining bullet density. The defense ammunition series come in the following calibers: 32 AUTO, 380 AUTO, 40 S&W, 7.62X25, 9MM, 9X18MM Makarov, 10mm, 45 AUTO and 357 Magnum. All of these calipers come in JHP (jacketed hollow point) projectiles.


Match Ammunition Series 

The Match Series is designed for precise accurate shooting at short and long distances. With PPU’s special quality control and processing system, this displays executional accuracy for competitions or range days. Through vigorous field testing, this caliber line-up gives you the best uniform ballistics. These calibers range in the following: 223 Rem, 308 Win, 6.5×55, 7.62×54, 8mm Mouser and 338 Lapua Magnum.


Subsonic Ammunition Series 

The increasing popularity of subsonic ammunition has put other manufacturers and PPU on the spotlight. PPU prides themselves on producing an efficient subsonic round that will deliver results. Subsonic is sold for military, law enforcement and civilian use. If you’re given the opportunity, pick up PPU’s subsonic series in any of these listed calibers: 9mm, 7.62×51 and 7.62×39. PPU also provides a blank ammunition series for consumers and many standard rifle calibers to choose from. Whatever you are needing for your range day, Prvi Partizan will have the ammo selection for you.


PPU Match Line .223 Rem
PPU Match Line .223 Rem


Looking for PPU Ammunition? 

Already getting curious about Prvi Partizan’s ammo? Looking fro bulk PPU ammo? We have a great variety of PPU ammunition. We currently have their 9mm, 5.56 NATO, .223 Rem and 300 Blackout. Check out our rifle & pistol ammunition selection online for more information and options!


Is Prvi Partizan Ammunition Reliable?


I have had the great privilege of testing some of Prvi Partizans ammunition. With many rounds through my 9mm and 5.56 rifle down range, I am very impressed with the companies ammo. By a person mainly shooting PMC and Sellier & Bellot throughout the years, PPU has gotten my attention. Through my time at the range, the accuracy stayed consistent. I put PPU’s 9mm Range line series and their 5.56 Rangemaster series to the test, it did not disappoint. I have put about 300-500 rounds through my pistol and rifle using these calibers. There was no misfires or light strikes through my guns and with everything staying consistent. No, I am not a skilled “sniper” in any way shape or form but with myself being an average shooter my groupings stayed consistent within 100 yards up to 300 yards.

With only putting a couple hundred rounds through my pistol and rifle, PPU’s ammo stayed consistent in every category. I have many colleagues that have put thousands of rounds of PPU in their guns and had the same results.

Long story short, yes, PPU ammo is very reliable! Of course I have my other ammo selections I use regularly but will start using PPU and exploring more of their ammo line-ups.


PPU 5.56 Ammo
PPU 5.56 Ammo


Should I use Prvi Partizan Ammunition?



Throughout the years, Prvi Partizan has used their own knowledge to grow, improve their quality of ammunition and establish a well deserved reputation throughout the ammo industry. PPU is now one of the biggest leaders in ammunition manufacturing that has over 400 variations of ammunition rounds for civilian, military and law enforcement use. They continue to pride themselves on being a leader in this industry and always looming for new innovative concepts for their ammo production system.

At the end of the day, I am vert impressed with PPU’s ammo. Even though I haven’t tried their other ammunition variations or calibers, I put enough down range to get a feel for their ammo. If you are a competitive shooter or just an average weekend range shooter, I would highly recommend and consider Prvi Partizan as your next ammo of choice.


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  1. There is a need for .32 H&R magnum ammo in simi- jacketed soft point and hollow point (preferably bonded) and also plinking ammo. Also a shortage on 45-70 Government ammo particularly the simi-jacketed soft point in the 405 grain full pressure as well as the lower velocity 405 grain. Actually even the 300 grain is fairly short supply. The core-lockt (trademarked) is extremely scarce and very high priced. I hope this falls on the correct ears. I can’t find any .32 magnum simi – jacketed bullets for reloading what so ever. Thx. Armadillo 6

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