Barnes – VOR-TX LR – 30-06 Springfield – 175 Grain – LRX BT

The Barnes VOR-TX LR in 30-06 Springfield is a high-performance ammunition designed for long-range shooting. With a 175 grain LRX BT bullet, it offers exceptional accuracy and terminal performance. This product is perfect for hunters and shooters looking for reliable and effective ammunition for their 30-06 Springfield rifles.


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6.5 × 4.25 × 1.5 in

Barnes is a renowned company in the firearms industry, specializing in the production of high-quality ammunition. One of their exceptional products is the Barnes – VOR-TX LR – 30-06 Springfield – 175 Grain – LRX BT. This ammunition is specifically designed for long-range shooting, offering unparalleled accuracy and performance.

The Barnes – VOR-TX LR – 30-06 Springfield – 175 Grain – LRX BT features a 175-grain LRX BT (Boat Tail) bullet, which is engineered to deliver exceptional downrange energy and expansion. The LRX BT bullet is constructed with a lead-free copper design, ensuring optimal weight retention and deep penetration upon impact.

This ammunition is specifically tailored for the popular 30-06 Springfield cartridge, a versatile and widely used caliber among hunters and shooters. The Barnes – VOR-TX LR – 30-06 Springfield – 175 Grain – LRX BT is meticulously crafted using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and quality control measures, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability.

Whether you are a competitive shooter or an avid hunter, Barnes ammunition is trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike. With their commitment to innovation and precision, Barnes continues to push the boundaries of ammunition technology, providing shooters with the tools they need to achieve their best performance in the field or on the range.

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