Breaking: California Ammo Ban Overturned

California Ammo

California Gun Control Lawmakers have been dealt another significant blow by Judge Roger Benitez. Many in the firearms community lovingly refer to the federal judge as “Saint Benitez” following his previous rulings which have aided California gun owners in the past. This time, he has graced gun owners in the Golden State with another blessing, this time striking down some of the state’s most restrictive ammunition purchasing hurdles.

California Ammo Ban

What Happened?

Judge Benitez ruled in Rhode v. Bonta case today that the state’s ammunition restrictions violate the Second Amendment. Judge Benitez’s ruling effectively blocks some of the most restrictive ammunition purchasing restrictions in the nation. Prior to this ruling, Californians were subject to background checks, import restrictions, and other hassles when it comes to acquiring ammunition. Prospective ammunition buyers had to get their ammunition shipped to an FFL. This meant that buyers often incurred fees and had to travel to and from wherever their ammunition shipped.


What Does This Mean?

Legally speaking the ruling does far more than act as a temporary injunction. The lack of an immediate stay in this ruling by Judge Benitez essentially makes it illegal for California to enforce these ammunition restrictions. This decision is effective immediately, meaning that the restrictions are as good as dead for the time being. As of right now, if you live in California, you can purchase ammunition without any hurdles. Ammunition can be purchased online and shipped directly to your door. Californian ammunition buyers will no longer have to go through an FFL just to acquire their ammunition anymore. The ammunition background check process is suspended and rendered null and void. As long as the ammunition is legal to own in California, you can get it.


Some Caveats

While this is undoubtably good news, it does come with caveats. This ruling only applies to ammunition purchases. While this decision is reminiscent of the famous “Freedom Week” from a few years ago, magazines are not included in this ruling. It should also be known that previous ammunition restrictions on calibers such as .50 BMG still apply. This means that while ammunition may ship straight to Californian doors now, they still cannot order these restricted calibers. Finally, it must be acknowledged that this decision can be overruled at any time. This has unfortunately been demonstrated with “Freedom Week” and other instances in the past. Due to this fact, prospective ammunition buyers should take action now so they do not potentially miss out.

California Ammo Ban

What Do You Do?

If you live in California, you should take advantage of this great opportunity to make unimpeded ammunition purchases. As stated before, this decision can be reversed at any time. If you need ammo, buy while this window is open and exercise the freedom which should never have been taken away from you in the first place. This victory in the courts is encouraging and is hopefully a sign of more positive things to come in the Golden State. As always, happy shooting and get stocked up while you can.


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  1. Does not help me. I escaped California in 1999. Moved to Idaho. Biggest problem with Idaho? I did not move here 41 years ago.

  2. Does not help me. I escaped California in 1999. I now live in Idaho. Biggest problem with Idaho? I didn’t move here 41 years ago.

    1. Sorry, different state with different laws and courts of jurisdiction. You guys need an American like Saint Benitez in your court system!

        1. The Bruen Decision only dealt with possession of handguns (guns) for self defense in public and the requirement for “satisfactory evidence” to support the applicants need. Nowhere in the Bruen decision specifically dealt with ammo. However, the words of Justice Thomas have been used to file more lawsuits that violate the 2nd and those lawsuits (including Rhodes v. Bonta in CA) are being used to overturn those unjust laws. You should look to the NYSRPA to file similar lawsuits.

  3. Here’s my take on todays overturn of Kalifornia’s ammo ban.
    Every person who resides in California who values their constitutional rights and freedoms needs to purchase some ammunition online. Regardless of the ammunition you purchase or amount and even if you don’t own a firearm it will let the liberal government of California know that we will not stand For their violation of our constitutional rights.

  4. This is my take on today’s Supreme Court overturning California’s ban on ammunition purchases. Regardless of whether you own a firearm or not, you should purchase some ammunition. This will let the liberal politicians in California know that they cannot strip Kalifornian’s of their God given and constitutional rights.

  5. New york will have to wait a couple years till this gets to the 9th, overturned, appealed to scotus, and becomes national.

    1. NY will be waiting a very long time for any court case to get to the 9th Circuit since New York in not part of the 9th Circuit.

  6. You guys are one the best supplier that stay close to these type of ruling for us and make a swift changes, I cannot thank you enough all of you folks at trueshot ammo. And I am already out over a grand just today with you guys, well worth it. Hopefully, these stays forever and better changes coming for us, next open carry. Yeah!!!

  7. “California Residents: Per a recent court ruling, we can now ship directly to your home – NO FFL REQUIRED. To celebrate, we are offering FREE SHIPPING TO CALIFORNIA available on orders of $1000 or less for a limited time. ”

    I tried to take advantage of this deal and your system still insisted on charging me for shipping, so I’m cancelling the order. I would have paid the shipping if you hadn’t made the offer, just don’t make offers that you don’t honor.

    1. Hello Jhodge61,

      Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the discrepancy in the shipping charges. We are indeed honoring the offer of free shipping to California on orders of $1000 or less. It seems there may have been a technical error with our system.

      Please do not cancel your order. We value your business and would like to rectify this situation promptly. Could you please call us at (888) 736-6587, or email us at [email protected] with your order details? Our customer service team will ensure that the shipping charges are refunded to you.

      Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We’re committed to providing you with the best service and making sure you benefit from our offers.

      Best regards,
      The True Shot Ammo Team

      1. Thanks Arman! I just tried the order again and it gave me the free shipping. I really appreciate the extra attention.

  8. Congratulations to all you law-abiding, freedom loving citizens of the People’s Republic of Kalifornia.
    Pennsylvanian’s are sympathetic to your living conditions, just not those from the People’s Republic of Philadelphia!!

  9. I keep trying to check out, but I live in California and it keeps making me pat for shipping and handling. I was trying to do your promotion for California residents.

  10. Can’t help but wonder how this affects my gun rights in NY State. I haven’t bought any ammo online since 2014, when they implemented their “Safe Act”, which bans “assault weapons”, and requires background checks on ammo purchases. (We already had a ban on “assault weapons”, but the idiots in the NYS Assembly didn’t know that, so now we have TWO assault weapons bans in effect.) Anyway, I’m told I have to pay a FFL $40 for a “background check” on EVERY shipment of ammo, and I believe NYS logs every shipment too. Given that they have a red flag law that allows anyone who doesn’t like me to call me a “threat” resulting in the immediate confiscation of guns and ammo without judicial review, I’ve deferred from ammo purchases.

  11. Did the free shipping to California promotion end already?? I placed an order a couple days ago and it was free, came back right now looking to order more but its making me pay shipping at checkout.

  12. i guess free shipping is over for CA residents as I put some 9mm and other ammo in my cart and want $26. Let me know. Thx

  13. So now what happens if you order ammo on the 1st of February and order still wasn’t shipped out yet and you live in California

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