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Magtech 9mm 124gr FMJ Review x Nightwood Guns

Welcome back, firearm enthusiasts! Magtech has long been a brand associated with reliability and quality in the ammunition industry. Their history of manufacturing superior ammo has made them a staple in the magazines of shooters worldwide. Today, I’m particularly excited to unpack my experience with the Magtech 9mm 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds. This isn’t just another review; it’s a deep dive into what makes these rounds a solid choice for both casual shooters and serious marksmen.


Choosing the Test Firearms

To thoroughly evaluate the Magtech 9mm 124 Grain FMJ, I selected two firearms that are both outstanding yet distinctly different in design and use: the Staccato XC and the SIG P365.

The Staccato XC: A Competition Dynamo

The Staccato XC, a competition-ready behemoth, is the first of the duo. It’s a pistol that demands attention with its compensated barrel and full-sized grip. Designed for the competitive shooter, it’s a 2011 platform pistol that’s as much about performance as it is about aesthetics. In the world of sharpshooting and timed events, every microsecond and every round must count. That’s where the Magtech ammo comes into play.


The SIG P365: Concealed Carry Perfection

On the other side, we have the SIG P365, the epitome of concealed carry excellence. Its compact frame and high capacity redefine what a micro-compact pistol can be. Despite its small size, the P365 handles like a full-sized pistol, offering comfort and control that’s unrivaled in its class. How does Magtech’s 9mm 124 Grain FMJ fare in such a firearm? Let’s get into it.

Magtech 9mm
Magtech 9mm

The Ammunition In-Depth

Physical Examination

Before hitting the range, I like to inspect my ammunition thoroughly. Each Magtech round is meticulously crafted — the brass casings gleam with the promise of quality. Upon closer inspection, there are no dents, no irregularities, or issues in the seating of the bullet. It’s a round that gives you confidence before you’ve even loaded your magazine.


Range Performance

The Staccato XC Experience

Firing the Staccato XC with Magtech’s 9mm 124 Grain FMJ is akin to watching a maestro at work. The rounds cycle with a consistency that breeds confidence. The recoil is snappy yet manageable, allowing for quick follow-up shots. The accuracy? Spot on. Groupings were tight, and there was a noticeable lack of fliers. This is the kind of ammo that makes a day at the range both pleasurable and productive.


The SIG P365 Encounter

The true test of ammunition, in my opinion, comes when it’s used in a less forgiving firearm. The SIG P365’s smaller form factor can sometimes amplify flaws in ammo that you wouldn’t notice in larger, more forgiving firearms. Not with Magtech’s FMJ. The rounds fed as smoothly as one could ask for, and the ejection pattern was as consistent as a metronome. If you’ve ever doubted that a micro-compact could handle like its larger brethren, this ammunition will make you a believer.


Comparative Analysis

Against Other Brands

It’s worth noting how the Magtech 9mm 124 Grain FMJ stacks up against the competition. I’ve run various drills with similar ammo from other manufacturers, and while many perform admirably, Magtech’s offering strikes an ideal balance between cost and performance. Some alternatives may offer a marginal increase in precision or a slightly softer recoil, but at a premium. Magtech, however, hits that sweet spot of quality and affordability.


Soft Shooting and Cleaner Burning

Long sessions at the range can be grueling, both on the shooter and the firearm. Magtech’s 124 Grain rounds are softer shooting than many of their counterparts, reducing shooter fatigue and maintaining performance over time. Additionally, the cleaner-burning powder used in these rounds keeps your firearm’s action cleaner for longer, mitigating the need for mid-day cleaning and reducing wear over time.

Magtech 9mm
Magtech 9mm

Reliability for Various Applications

Self-Defense Training

While FMJ rounds are not typically recommended for self-defense, training with what you carry is crucial. These rounds give you the ability to train effectively and reliably, ensuring that when it comes to the more expensive hollow-point rounds, you’re already accustomed to the feel and behavior of your firearm.


Competitive Shooting

Accuracy, reliability, and consistency are the trinity of competitive shooting. Magtech’s 9mm FMJ rounds deliver on all three fronts. Having ammo that you can trust to perform every time you pull the trigger can be the difference between first place and runner-up. In my trials, these rounds have demonstrated a level of performance that instills confidence in their ability to help shooters meet their marks with precision.

Competitors need to count on their ammo to not only be accurate but also to function flawlessly throughout a match. With these 124 Grain FMJ rounds, there were no misfires, no feed issues, and no failures to eject across multiple weapons and shooting platforms. This sort of reliability is what places Magtech’s ammunition among the top choices for anyone serious about their shooting discipline.



To conclude, Magtech’s 9mm 124 Grain FMJ ammunition stands out in a crowded market for its remarkable balance of affordability and performance. Whether used in a venerable competition workhorse like the Staccato XC or the everyday carry champion SIG P365, these rounds offer superior reliability and consistent ballistics.

Throughout extensive evaluation, the Magtech 9mm 124 Grain FMJ has shown that it can perform under various pressures and demands, making it a versatile option for numerous shooting applications. It’s a round that not only meets the expectations of the discerning shooter but also respects their budget.

The experience at the range was telling. The positive feeding and ejection, the minimal recoil, and the cleanliness of the rounds contribute to a shooting session that is focused on skill development rather than equipment troubleshooting.

For the shooter who values their time at the range and wants to make every round count, Magtech delivers. And for those looking to purchase this dependable ammunition, True Shot provides an accessible platform with a wealth of options to keep your magazines loaded and ready for whatever your shooting needs may be.

Whether you’re training for the next big competition or simply maintaining your shooting proficiency, Magtech’s 9mm 124 Grain FMJ ammunition is a choice that promises—and delivers—performance. From my range days to yours, this is one round that is sure to become a mainstay in your ammo selection. Happy shooting, and remember—always stay safe and responsible with your firearms.


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