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Magtech's New 9mm Luger With Premium Steel Case

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Our relentless pursuit of the finest ammunition has led us to a truly remarkable product, a combination of heritage and state-of-the-art tech. We’re thrilled to spotlight Magtech‘s newest offering: The 9mm Luger with a premium steel case. This product represents is set to redefine the standards shooters have for steel case ammunition.


The Legacy of Magtech Ammo

Magtech, a household name in the United States and beyond, stands out among ammunition manufacturers. Their commitment to producing high-quality ammo has made them a favorite for both competitive shooting and casual range sessions. It’s no surprise that they’ve rolled out another masterpiece with the 9mm Luger, one of the most popular calibers among enthusiasts.


Performance That Resonates

Training ammo must embody reliability, and the new Magtech steel case 9mm ammo does precisely that. Engineered over the last two years, the CBC factory has developed a brand new production process that significantly elevates the quality and performance standards traditionally associated with steel case ammunition. 

The new Magtech Steel Case Ammunition is produced in-house at Magtech, on new proprietary machinery that uses the same boxer primers, powder, and projectiles that are loaded in Magtech‘s standard brass ammo. 

The Steel Case ammo is zinc plated and polished to an unmatched standard, which eliminates the need for problematic lacquers, polymer coatings and other case treatments that often result in reduced performance when using traditional steel ammunition.

Magtech 9mm Steel Case FMJ
Magtech 9mm Steel Case FMJ

Why This Ammo Stands Out

For those in the market for cheap ammo that doesn’t compromise on quality, Magtech’s 9mm Luger with a premium steel case is a prime contender. Whether you’re into rifle ammo or handgun ammo, the allure of reliable shooting, coupled with the advantages of full metal jacket bullets, is undeniable. FMJ bullets, especially at the weights of 115 gr and 124 gr, are among the top choices for many.

Magtech’s reputation for producing clean-shooting ammunition ensures that your firearm remains in pristine condition even after prolonged range sessions. In essence, it’s not just ammo; it’s a statement of shooting excellence.


Pros of Magtech’s 9mm Luger with Premium Steel Case

  1. Affordability: With the rising cost of metals, steel-cased ammo like this one offers a more affordable ammunition option.
  2. Precision: The ballistic coefficient ensures each shot is consistent and accurate.
  3. Durability: Steel, being a harder metal than brass, promises longer shelf life.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for various firearms, including bolt action and concealed carry handguns.

Cons to Consider

  1. Not Universally Accepted: Some ranges, especially in the United States, might restrict the use of steel case ammo.
  2. Reloading Challenges: Steel, being a harder metal, can pose challenges in reloading compared to brass cases.
Magtech 9mm Steel Case FMJ
Magtech 9mm Steel Case FMJ

Magtech Steel Case 9mm Ammo Specifications

  1. Bullet Type: FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) – A top choice for handgun ammo.
  2. Bullet Weight: Available in both 115GR and 124GR options, catering to diverse shooting preferences.
  3. Case Material: Premium Steel Case – A robust alternative to the traditional brass case.
  4. Primer: Small Pistol Primer – Renowned for reliable ignition.

115 Grain Stats

Magtech 9mm FMJ STEEL CASE 115GR

124 Grain Stats

Magtech 9mm FMJ STEEL CASE 124GR


In wrapping up, Magtech continues its tradition of raising the bar in ammunition manufacturing. This new offering further cements their position as industry leaders. Here at True Shot Academy, we stand behind products that echo commitment, quality, and performance. And with this new 9mm Luger in our arsenal, every visit to the range promises to be an experience of unmatched precision and reliability.

Ready, aim, fire! Your quest for the ultimate ammunition ends here. Explore our range of ammunition for sale and redefine your shooting journey.


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8 Responses

  1. Does this steel casing have any extraction problems? If so, are they similar rates of extraction failure as that of brass casings?

    1. the case has nothing to do with barrel life because the case doesn’t go down the barrel.
      That myth arose when many steel case ammunition manufacturers used steel jackets as well, those steel jackets would harm the barrels, only after many thousands of rounds.
      They use the same jackets in this ammo as they do in the brass ammo, so barrel life is the same as any brass cased ammo.

    1. Hi Joel,

      While reloading steel cases is not common, it can be done. Since this is a Brand New Zinc-Plated Steel Case, we are unsure how this specific case holds up to reloading.

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