Is Magtech Ammo Any Good?

Magtech 500S&W, Smith and Wesson, Full Metal Jacket FMJ, 325 Grain, 20 Round Box Is Magtech ammo any good? If an ammo company is exporting to over 100 countries, supplying law enforcement, NATO and allied forces the world over, its good enough for me. Magtech is owned by CBC Global Ammunition who also owns the CBC Ammo in Brazil, MEN in Germany, and Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic. CBC Global Ammunition by my estimates is likely the second or third largest ammunition company in the world behind Winchester and possibly Vista Outdoors which owns Remington Ammunition, Federal Ammunition, CCI Ammo, Estate Cartridge, Hevi-Shot, and Speer. CBC collectively employs over 3,500 employees and produces over 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition annually. Magtech Ammo also happens to be one of our most popular brands of ammunition we sell. They have built a solid reputation for quality at an aggressive price. Being a fully integrated ammunition company means Magtech is able to manage the quality of their ammunition components every step of the way in the production process.

Where is Magtech Ammunition Made? Magtech 45 Colt 200 Grain Lead Round Nose Cowboy Action 50 Round Box

Magtech Ammo is manufactured in Brazil where it has three production facilities. Magtech Ammunition Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBC Global Ammunition headquartered in Minnesota, USA and acts as their sole importer and distributes to dealers and distributors from that facility.

Who owns Magtech Ammunition?

CBC Global Ammunition owns the Magtech Ammunition brands along with Sellier & Bellot located in the Czech Republic, MEN Ammunition based in Germany.

Is Magtech Ammo Clean?

While ammunition cleanliness is often subjective, Magtech Clean Range was designed as the ultimate in cleanliness. Their Clean Range line has a total metal jacket which fully covers the projectile to reduce and eliminate lead exposure. Additionally, the Clean Range line uses non-toxic primers. Their regular Magtech pistol and rifle lineup is probably on par with most other major brands as far as cleanliness.

Magtech Product Lines:

Magtech 300 Blackout 115 grain full metal jacket

  1. Magtech – The Magtech ammunition product lines encompasses their full metal jacket, target practice ammunition, self defense ammunition, and hunting products. Their pistol line is comes in a blue box, rifle ammunition is sold in a green box and their cowboy action loads in a brown box. 
  2. Magtech Clean Range – designed with indoor shooting ranges in mind by reducing airborne lead contamination. This is achieved by having a fully encapsulated bullet and utilizing non-toxic primers. This ammo is easily identified on the shelf because of its white box with green lettering.
  3. Magtech Cowboy Action – Designed with cowboy action shooters in mind, these rounds have exposed lead projectiles.

Magtech Ammo In Stock

Cleanliness is an important aspect of Magtech ammunition. While cleanliness can be subjective, Magtech offers the Clean Range line, which is designed to reduce lead exposure and airborne lead contamination. The Clean Range ammunition features a fully encapsulated bullet and non-toxic primers.

Overall, Magtech ammunition has gained popularity due to its solid reputation for quality, extensive distribution, and competitive pricing. It is a trusted brand among shooters and is widely available for purchase.

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