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What is Black Hills Ammunition?

Black Hills Blog Feature

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Hey all, we here at True Shot Academy wanted to talk about Black Hills Ammunition. The company is well-known for their ammunition offerings and is popular among a variety of shooters. Our mission with this blog post is to provide a brief overview of the company while delving into some of their product offerings. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


What is Black Hills Ammunition?

Black Hills Ammunition, often simply referred to as Black Hills, was founded in 1981 in Rapid City, South Dakota. The company produces a wide variety of ammunition and reloading components. Throughout the company’s existence, Black Hills has provided ammunition to government and firearms industry entities. Notably, the company was contracted by the U.S. Navy to develop the specialized MK262 loading, an accurized and high performance 5.56x45mm NATO loading. Currently, ammunition from Black Hills is utilized by both military and law enforcement personnel. The company also adheres to strict quality control procedures and hand inspects every round of ammunition that leaves the factory. Basically, if you buy Black Hills products, you are getting high quality ammunition you can depend on.

Honey Badger 9mm Luger
Honey Badger 9mm Luger

Ammunition Offerings

Black Hills offers multiple ammunition product lines. These offerings range from general purpose to specialized as far as use cases go. Black Hills produces loadings for common and obscure calibers alike, providing a wide array of shooters with ammunition options.


  • Pistol Ammunition

The ammunition offered by the company covers a variety of popular calibers. As far as handgun ammunition goes, the company offers loadings in both full metal jacket (FMJ) and jacketed hollow point (JHP) form. Additionally, some calibers in this line, such as .38 Special and .45 ACP, can be acquired with match semi-wadcutter projectiles. Familiar calibers such as .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, and .40 Smith & Wesson are represented by this product line. These loadings will be optimal for self-defense, target shooting, and even competition use.

  • Rifle Ammunition

When it comes to rifle ammunition, the company also offers loadings for a variety of popular calibers. These loadings can feature a wide variety of projectiles which optimize these loads for specific use cases. FMJ, soft point (SP), open tip match (OTM), and specialty projectiles from companies such as Sierra can be found in this product line. Common calibers such as .223 Remington, 5.56x45mm NATO, .300 Blackout, and .338 Lapua.

  • HoneyBadger Ammunition

This product line from Black Hills derives its name from the iconic animal. When naming this defensive ammunition line, the company drew inspiration from the “fearlessness” and “certain disregard for obstacles” exhibited by the Honey Badger in nature. These loadings will feature solid copper projectiles which are resistant to deformation and fragmentation. Rather than featuring traditional hollow point style projectiles, the projectiles in this line are of a ballistic broadhead style. This line will encompass popular handgun calibers such as 9mm Luger, 10mm Auto, and .44 Magnum to name a few. This line also offers a single rifle caliber loading in the form of a 325 grain .45-70 Government loading.

  • Black Hills Gold

The Black Hills Gold product line represents the company’s most premium ammunition offerings. This isn’t to say that the other offerings from the company are of poor quality. These loadings will feature a wide variety of premium projectiles from companies such as Hornady and Barnes. This line currently only consists of rifle ammunition and covers a wide variety of calibers and grain weights. This product line covers common calibers such as 6.5 Creedmoor, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield to name a few.

  • Authentic Cowboy Action

Black Hills also produces a variety of cowboy calibers in their Authentic Cowboy Action line. The product line features exposed lead projectiles and spans a variety of popular cartridges. While common calibers such as .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .45 Colt, and .45-70 Government are represented, the line also covers some more obscure cowboy calibers. These uncommon calibers will include .32 H&R, .44-40 Winchester, .44 Russian, and .45 Schofield to name a few. These loadings, like the name suggests, will be right at home in Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) cowboy action matches. Essentially, these loadings will provide revolver and lever action shooters with authentic cowboy-style offerings of their chosen calibers.

  • MK 262 Mod 1-C

This specialty 5.56x45mm NATO loading is optimized for high performance and precision. The 77 grain projectile makes this loading at home in everything from a short Mk18 to a longer Mk12 style rifle. This offering is essentially a commercial offering of the MK262 loading which was developed by the company for the U.S. Navy back in 1999. The MK262 Mod1-C loading will mirror the specs and performance of its military counterpart. This loading is offered in the form of 20 round cartons or in ammo cans containing 460 rounds per can. This option is well-suited for precision-minded individuals as well as military rifle enthusiasts who want to acquire an authentic loading.

5.56x45mm 77 Grain OTM
5.56x45mm 77 Grain OTM

Industry Sales

In addition to selling ammunition commercially, Black Hills also sells to firearms manufacturers. These manufacturers include Beretta, FN, Sig Sauer, and Wilson Combat just to name a few. These manufacturers and more use Black Hills Ammunition for testing and development purposes.



At the end of the day, Black Hills provides a wide variety of high-quality ammunition. The offerings provided by Black Hills can be enjoyed by a variety of end users. From defensive use, general plinking, and cowboy action shooting, the ammunition from Black Hills has you covered. We here at True Shot carry a number of Black Hills products in addition to the other ammunition offerings we carry. Whether you are wanting some Black Hills loadings or something else, we have got you covered. As always, happy shooting.


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